15 Interesting Facts About Maine Coon Cats

Maine Coon lovers are probably interested in reading amazing facts about these huge cats. So we bring to your attention 15 interesting facts about Maine Coon cats.

#1 Maine Coons are the longest cats. In the Guinness Book of Records, you can find a mention of Maine Coon, whose body length is 123.2 cm.

#2 The longest vibrissa belonged to Maine Coon named Missy. The length of the mustache of this cat is 19 cm!

#3 Maine coons were often kept on warships, considering them talismans that bring good luck.

#4 Surprisingly, it is a fact: on the paws of the Maine Coon, “extra” fingers are often found.

#5 The character of Maine Coons is often compared with a dog. These cats can be in the company of owners, become attached and train very well.

#6 Maine Coons are not afraid of water (if they are used to water from childhood). And they often have fun spraying water with their paw.

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