15 Little-Known Details About Dogs

It would seem, well, what new can you learn about the animal that humans tamed tens of thousands of years ago? But dogs are truly unique creatures, and scientists are beginning to reveal their most amazing abilities just now.

#1 Dogs can “read” faces

Studies have shown that the dog is the only creature in the animal world that can read emotions from a human face. If you suddenly noticed that the dog is staring at you, know: maybe at this moment, he is trying to determine your emotional state by facial expression.

#2 Dogs have color vision

Contrary to popular belief, dogs can distinguish colors - but certainly not in such numbers as humans.

#3 Dogs “feel” the diseases

The results of the study showed that dogs can smell some organic compounds that indicate the development of lung cancer.

#4 Dogs do not tolerate secondhand smoke

When the smoke from your cigarette gets into the dog’s nose, she suffers the same torment as the child next to the smoker.

#5 There are no two identical dog noses in the world.

The imprint on it is unique.

#6 Dogs not allowed to eat chocolate.

Chocolate contains the toxic substance theobromine. In the human body, it is metabolized and excreted without causing harm. In dogs, the metabolism is much slower. Only 100-150 mg of theobromine per kilogram of weight is enough for the dog to receive serious poisoning.

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