15 Little-Known Details About Dogs

#7 Small dogs live longer.

According to statistics, dogs of small breeds have a longer lifespan. Thus, animals weighing less than 9 kg live on average for about 11 years, while dogs weighing more than 40 kg barely live up to eight.

#8 Dogs have a unique thermoregulation system.

Like us, dogs can feel cold or hot. But at the same time, their body is able to independently prevent overheating with the help of rapid breathing with the tongue sticking out.

#9 The strength of the dog is in the sense of smell.

Up to 300 million olfactory receptors are located in the nose of an animal (compare: in humans, there are only about 6 million of them). This means that the dog smells 50 times stronger than us.

#10 Dogs can inherit property

In some countries, including the United States, a dog may become the legal heir to the owner’s property after his death. Some owners become so attached to four-legged friends that they leave them unthinkable amounts of money. So, the richest heir was a German shepherd named Gunther the Third. By testament, she inherited about $ 80 million.

#11 Dogs may hide personal information.

Have you seen how sometimes dogs hide their tail at the sight of their fellow tribesmen? From the side, it may seem that in this way the animal expresses fear. But this is not so. The tail covers the dog’s odorous glands by which it can be identified.

#12 Dogs can be jealous.

Studies have shown that dogs can really be jealous. Their body produces the hormone oxytocin (the same as in humans), which is associated with the ability to express love and jealousy.

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