15 Quotes Of Famous People About Horses

Elegant and mysterious, loyal and reliable, smart and kind😉. And if a person is the crown of nature, then the horse, of course, is its masterpiece😆. A selection of the best quotes about horses for you😃.

#2 “For the first time, when I galloped on a horse, I cried – it was like flying, what humanity is striving for.” – Tom Hiddleston

#3 “A good horse listens even to the shadows of a rider.” – Quintus Curtius Rufus

#4 “Do more. The race wins a horse that outstrips its rivals by a head” – Andrew Carnegie

#5 “… Throughout the world, you can count all those in whose life and memory, in the trials of fate and personal predilections, the horse does not take place” – William Faulkner

#6 “Weasel and punishment are at the core of horse training, but weasel, just as punishment must be done skillfully” – James Phyllis

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