15 Tips For The Care And Maintenance Of Guinea Pigs

#7 However, it was noticed that living in the house🏠, the pigs become more timid and not tame. Therefore, it is recommended either to put the house only at night, or do without it at all.

#8 The guinea pig’s cage should contain: salt or mineral-salt wheels, which you can attach to the cage; they provide the pigs with salt that is not enough for all rodents kept in captivity.

#9 In the cage, you can put a flat stone for grinding teeth and tree branches for grinding teeth. To grind your teeth, special crispy sticks are also suitable.

#10 For transportation of guinea pigs it is better to use a special plastic container.

#11 In cold weather, the carrying can be insulated with a thick layer of sawdust and hay, a woolen thing, as well as a heating pad or a bottle of hot water.

#12 It is necessary to monitor and during the claws of the guinea pig.✂ This can be done by a veterinarian, but you can deal with it yourself.

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