15 Tips For The Care And Maintenance Of Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs are one of the rodent species that are small, adorable and considered as an exotic pet. Some people think this animal is from Guinea, but actually, it originated from South America.

Guinea pigs🐹 are small pets, but at the same time require a lot of space, time, effort and communication from the owner. If you provide your guinea pig with a good house, living space, proper nutrition, attention, care, and veterinary services, then a happy and healthy pet will delight you with its funny nature for a very long time.💕

#1 Guinea pig is best kept in a cage or terrarium, the length of which should be at least 50 cm.

#2 The best filler is sawdust, which is sold at the pet store. If desired, they can be made independently.

#3 It is best to use a ball (nipple), vertical drinker. It is better to use filtered water and change it every day.

#4 For guinea pigs, it is better to buy 2 ceramic feeders. One for dry food, opposite for green.

#5 The feeder should be heavy enough so that the guinea pig could not overturn it if it stands on its paws.

#6 There is a large selection of houses made of plastic, wood or bark, the latter being the most preferred, as guinea pigs, gnawing off the bark, can grind their teeth.

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