30+ Famous Female Cat Names Inspired by Harry Potter

The Harry Potter series, written by J.K. Rowling is a very popular book through people of all ages. True fans choose Harry Potter names for their cats. If you`re a true fan of Harry Potter, you`ll love this collection of cat names. Enjoy!

  •     Millicent (Bulstrode)
  •     Luna (Lovegood)
  •     Hannah (Abbott)
  •     Charity (Burbage)
  •     Dolores (Umbridge – if you dare!)
  •     Sybill (Trelawney)
  •     Narcissa (Malfoy)
  •     Cho (Chang)
  •     Helga (Hufflepuff)
  •     Ginny (Weasley)
  •     Penelope (Clearwater)
  •     Lily (Potter)
  •     Helena (Ravenclaw)
  •     Lavender (Brown)
  •     Katie (Bell)
  •     Gabrielle (Delacour)

  •     Fleur (Delacour)
  •     Arabella (Figg)
  •     Rita (Skeeter)
  •     Molly (Weasley)
  •     Romilda (Vane)
  •     Angelina (Johnson)
  •     Rowena (Ravenclaw)
  •     Augusta (Longbottom)
  •     Tonks (Nymphadora Tonks)
  •     Bellatrix (Lestrange)
  •     Poppy (Pomfrey)
  •     Rose (Hermione and Ron’s daughter)
  •     Alicia (Spinnet)
  •     Padma (Patil)
  •     Parvati (Patil)
  •     Minerva (McGonagall)

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