35 Best Male Cat Names for Cats with Green Eyes

We would like to introduce our best collection of the best cat name ideas for cats with green eyes. Here you can find the name ideas for any taste. Good luck!

  •     Telah (meaning “moistening, greenness”)
  •     Leaf
  •     Vermont (meaning “green mountain”)
  •     Ivey
  •     Tawnya (Irish for “greenfield”)
  •     Oak
  •     Ailein (meaning “from the green meadow”)
  •     Oleander
  •     Celadon
  •     Green
  •     Hunter
  •     Elm
  •     Clover
  •     Vernell (French for “green, flourishing”)
  •     Pine
  •     Fir
  •     Beryl
  •     Forest
  •     Virid

  •     Odran (meaning “pale green”)
  •     Irvine (“green” in Welsh)
  •     Cypress
  •     Verde (Italian for “green”)
  •     Fahey (meaning “from a green field”)
  •     Cyan (a greenish-blue color)
  •     Bredbeddle (“Green King”)
  •     Vardan (meaning “green slope”)
  •     Kadir (Arabic for “green”)
  •     Abib (meaning “corn husk”)
  •     Beril (“pale green gemstone”)
  •     Jade
  •     Yaxha (meaning “green water”)
  •     Peridot (a yellowish green radiant gemstone)
  •     Malachite
  •     Denver (meaning “green valley”)
  •     Alien (meaning “spring”)
  •     Alvern

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