40+ Warrior Dog Names for Female Dogs (With Meanings)

If you’re looking for warrior dog names that will let everybody know how tough and powerful your dog is, here is the list of over 40 warrior dog names for female puppies.

  •     Pisto (Amazon warrior)
  •     Freyja (The goddess of love, beauty and war in Norse mythology)
  •     Alastair (Scottish for warrior)
  •     Olesia (Polish for defender of mankind)
  •     Willa (German for protector)
  •     Sloane (American English for fighter)
  •     Rosamund (German for horse protector)
  •     Juno (Goddess and wife of Zeus, protector of women)
  •     Cass / Cassy (Greek for man’s defender)
  •     Trudi (Strong spear warrior)
  •     Armina (English for warrior princess)
  •     Hilda (Germanic for battle)
  •     Barbara / Bonny (Defender against fire)
  •     Maia (Brave warrior)
  •     Andromeda (An Amazon warrior)
  •     Joan (Refers to Joan of Arc)
  •     Jade (A stone known for defense)
  •     Raina (German for wise guardian)
  •     Zelda (A warrior)

  •     Alvira / Alvera (German for universal protector)
  •     Matilda (Old German for female warrior)
  •     Athena (The goddess of mental agility, intelligence)
  •     Hida (German for warrior)
  •     Levana (Hebrew for defender of the moon)
  •     Branka (Slovak for protector)
  •     Mathilda (Old German for battle maiden; strength)
  •     Brina (English for strong)
  •     Sandra (Greek for defending men)
  •     Elmina / Elma (German for determined defender)
  •     Xena (Greek for warrior princess)
  •     Sasha (Russian for defender)
  •     Alexis (Greek for man’s defender)
  •     Elvara (Old English for warrior)

  •     Lexie (Greek for man’s defender)
  •     Velma (Germanic for protector)
  •     Valda (Norse for spirited warrior)
  •     Diva (The heroine and leading lady)
  •     Deandra (A Greek warrior)
  •     Loyce (German for a female warrior)
  •     Alexandra (Greek for female protector)
  •     Nora (The greatest woman warrior in the history of Albania)
  •     Minna (German for man’s defender)
  •     Arely (Hebrew for brave)

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