66 Exotic Cat Names With Meanings


If you’re looking for an exotic cat name that stands out from the rest, look no further!

We have compiled a list of unique and meaningful names for your new feline companion.

These names come from a range of cultures and origins, including Asian, European, African, and American.

Each one carries its own special meaning with it – whether it’s a tribute to an area of the world, a reflection of your cat’s personality, or simply something that catches your eye.

Take some time to explore our list and find the perfect name for your kitty!

Exotic Girl Cat Names

  •     Priya – love in Sanskrit/Indian
  •     Sempala – antelope in Ugandan
  •     Ekaterina – pure in Russian
  •     Hamisi – Thursday’s child in Somalian
  •     Panya – mouse in Kiswahili
  •     Alessandro – defender of mankind in Italian
  •     Twiga – giraffe in Kiswahili
  •     Siri – tiger in Nigerian
  •     Adita – first root in Sanskrit/Indian
  •     Inama – wild animals in Zambian
  •     Vladimir – renowned prince in Russian
  •     Akemi – beauty in Japanese
  •     Bao – precious treasure in Chinese
  •     Ruwa – beauty in Arabic
  •     Sabra – patient in Egyptian
  •     Saki – cape in Japanese
  •     Myeong – bright and clear in Korean
  •     Azizi – precious in Egyptian
  •     Kameko – superior child in Japanese
  •     Sabine – German form of Sabrina
  •     Annipe – daughter of the Nile in Egyptian
  •     Amara – everlasting in Italian

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Exotic Boy Cat Names

  •     Krishna – dark, black in Sanskrit/Indian
  •     Fairuz – turquoise in Arabic
  •     Chantrea – moon in Cambodian
  •     Suki – beloved in Japanese
  •     Ivana – God is gracious in Czech
  •     Mukhtar – chosen in Arabic
  •     Indra – God of rain and thunder in Sanskrit/Indian
  •     Rangsey – seven colors in Cambodian
  •     Svetlana – star in Russian
  •     Hans – gift from God in German
  •     Kamilah – perfect in Egyptian
  •     Uma – second daughter in Nigerian
  •     Daiki – great glory in Japanese
  •     Zaki – lion in West African
  •     Lencho – lion in Ethiopian and Kenyan
  •     Oro – gold in Spanish
  •     Ambrossio – divine in Spanish
  •     Amorita – little loved in Latin
  •     Senkima – monkey in Ugandan
  •     Goya – wild cat in South African
  •     Dae-jung – great and vast in Korean
  •     Adhira – meaning restless in Sanskrit/Indian
  •     Demetria – Goddess of harvest and fertility in Greek
  •     Javiera – owner of the house in Spanish
  •     Arun – sun in Burmese

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Gender Neutral Exotic Cat Names

  •     Maia – goddess of spring in Greek
  •     Anatoly – sunrise in Russian
  •     Abasi – serious in Egyptian
  •     Bala – strength in Sanskrit/Indian
  •     Karima – generous and noble in Arabic
  •     Akira – bright in Japanese
  •     Kali – black in Hindu
  •     Ugo – Eagle in Nigerian
  •     Renaldo – ruler in Spanish
  •     Bacio – kiss in Italian
  •     Ahmad – commendable in Arabic
  •     Haneul – heaving, sky in Korean
  •     Farfalle – butterfly in Italian
  •     Lilja – lily in Finnish
  •     Ari – lion in Hebrew
  •     Dirk – famous ruler in German
  •     Achilles – warrior in Greek
  •     Thalia – blooming in Greek
  •     Ulrich – ruling wolf in German

We hope you found the perfect exotic cat name for your new feline friend! All of these names come with special meanings behind them that give each one a unique personality.

If you’re still looking for more exotic cat names, don’t forget to check out our other lists of foreign cat names from around the world!

With hundreds of options to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your furry friend. Happy naming!

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