8 Homeless Dogs Before and After Shelter

There are a lot of homeless dogs. Look out the window, most likely a scared, but still not lost faith in man, a four-legged friend runs around your house. Many people pass by, someone makes it worse, but, fortunately, there are people who cannot remain indifferent. This post is partly about them🐶💕

These dogs were abandoned, lost or simply did not have a home from birth, they were found by shelter workers, cured, fed and warmed. And many of these kind and affectionate creatures soon found a new home and loving owners. Respect dogs, because, as they say, there is no creature more faithful than a dog❤️❤️❤️

#1 This baby was found loitering on the streets of Antigua, West Indies. Her name is Berda.

#2 And this is Byrd before heading to his new home – noticeably cheerful and stronger.

#3 This poor fellow was found near the Cedar Golf Course, in whose honor he was named.

#4 And this is the same Cedar, only noticeably replenished and happy, because he found a new home.

#5 This is how they found this poor fellow, who was nicknamed Coffee.

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