Top 60 Best Affenpinscher Dog Names

Affenpinschers, sometimes referred to as “monkey dogs” due to their mischievous energy and playful personalities, are a unique breed of toy dogs.

With an alert and fearless nature that’s also loyal and affectionate, these intelligent little pooches make for great companions.

If you’ve welcomed an Affenpinscher into your home (or plan to soon), the search is on for the perfect name!

Whether you want something traditional or more creative, there are plenty of options out there. To get you started, here are some ideas for Affenpinscher dog names!

  •     Gizmo
  •     Rascal
  •     Mamie
  •     Opie
  •     Dottie
  •     Champ
  •     Gracie
  •     Percy
  •     Pumpkin
  •     Lucy
  •     Ernie
  •     Violet
  •     Clancy
  •     Olive
  •     Chica
  •     Cooper
  •     Bear
  •     Bernie
  •     Corky
  •     Angel
  •     Gidget
  •     Chance
  •     Scout
  •     Addie
  •     Amigo
  •     Barnie
  •     Maisy
  •     Teddy
  •     Harvey
  •     Honey
  •     Shiloh
  •     Kirby
  •     Daisy
  •     Lucky
  •     Daphne
  •     Asher
  •     Ellie
  •     Ariel
  •     Buddy
  •     Murray
  •     Murphy
  •     Fido
  •     Babe
  •     Bella
  •     Baxter
  •     Clover
  •     Boots
  •     Betsy
  •     Spud
  •     Charlie
  •     Augie
  •     Rosie
  •     Scrappy
  •     Sully
  •     Trudy
  •     Buster
  •     Skip
  •     Gigi
  •     Mimi
  •     Petunia


The Affenpinscher is an energetic, loyal, and mischievous dog. This dog breed does not shed a lot too, making it a great addition to any family.

It’s no surprise that the best names for these adorable pooches are ones that reflect their personality and playfulness.

There are endless options when it comes to picking the perfect name for your beloved pup.

Whatever you decide, just remember: as long as your furry friend responds to it with wagging tails and happy barks, then you know you’ve got a winner!

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