A Comprehensive Guide: The Best New Tech for Dogs in 2023

the best new tech for dogs in 2023

In this rapidly advancing world of technology, our four-legged companions are profiting from the most recent developments intended to upgrade their lives.

The year 2023 has seen an astonishing flood of cutting-edge tech products that plan to make our dogs’ lives more secure, more convenient, and more enjoyable.

From smart trackers to interactive toys, this article will explore a portion of the top technological advancements for dogs in 2023.

Different Types of New Tech for Dogs

The market is overflowing with a variety of tech products for canines, each intended to take care of a particular need.

These include pet trackers, self-cleaning litter boxes, smart pet feeders, interactive toys, and GPS tracking devices.

How about we dig into every one of these categories?

Pet Trackers

Pet tracking technology has progressed significantly lately.

The most recent pet trackers are designed to be exceptionally cutting-edge, providing pet owners with the ability to watch out for their furry friends.

These conservative gadgets are effectively attached to your dog’s collar, offering real-time location and activity monitoring.

Moreover, some pet trackers exceed everyone’s expectations by consolidating health monitoring features, empowering you to gain important insights into your dog’s general well-being and health.

Recommended Product

Tractive GPS Tracker & Health Monitoring for Dogs - Market Leading Pet GPS Location Tracker, Wellness & Escape Alerts, Waterproof, Works with Any Collar (White)
  • REAL-TIME GPS TRACKING: See the location of your dog and track them anywhere with no distance limit
  • WORKS WITH SUBSCRIPTION: The subscription covers all the costs of the integrated SIM card and data, starting from $5/month (varies depending on subscription plan); try it for free with our 30 day money back guarantee
  • GET HEALTH ALERTS: Your tracker monitors and tracks the sleep quality and activity patterns of your pet; when it detects something unusual, you'll get an alert via email
  • ACTIVITY TRACKING: Keep your dog fit and healthy by monitoring your dog's Wellness Score; compare your pet's activity level with that of all other pets of the same breed
  • ESCAPE ALERTS: A notification gets sent straight to your phone when your dog leaves your custom-made area

Self-Cleaning Litter Boxes

Self-cleaning litter boxes, regularly associated with cats, have now turned into a well-known choice among dog owners, especially those with small breeds or living in apartments.

These innovative gadgets offer the convenience of automated waste management, proficiently scooping and containing waste to minimize scents and dispose of the need for everyday cleaning.

Embrace the simplicity and effectiveness of self-cleaning litter boxes, making pet care a breeze and ensuring a clean and fresh environment for both you and your dog companion.

Recommended Product

Omega Paw Roll 'n Clean Self Cleaning Litter Box, Brown, Large
  • SELF CLEANING LITTER BOX The Roll 'n Clean litter box has a patented sifting grate that sifts the waste from the clean litter depositing it in the convenient pull out tray
  • NEW AND IMPROVED DESIGN The New Improved Roll 'n Clean litter box features stronger more durable plastic, new stronger locking clips, and a more durable sifting grate
  • CLEANS IN SECONDS The Roll 'n Clean litter box cleans in seconds, simply roll it over onto it's top and roll back again and all of the waste will be in the pull out tray
  • PROUDLY MADE IN CANADA using high quality materials
  • NO LINERS, FILTERS OR ELECTRICITY NEEDED The Roll 'n Clean Litter Box does not use electricity so has no expensive motorized parts to replace, or catch fire. Can conveniently be placed anywhere in your home.

Smart Pet Feeders

Innovative smart pet feeders have turned into a lifesaver for pet parents with busy schedules.

These high-level gadgets give the comfort of scheduling and controlling your canine’s feeding times and portion sizes directly from your cell phone.

With only a couple of taps on your screen, you can guarantee your furry companion accepts their meals on time, even when you’re away.

Some smart pet feeders even offer a built-in camera feature, allowing you to watch out for your pet during mealtime, regardless of where you are.

Recommended Product

SKYMEE 8L Smart Automatic Cat Feeders with Camera, 5G WiFi & 2.4G WiFi Extra Large Automatic Dog Feeder Food Dispenser 1080P Full HD Pet Camera Treat Dispenser
  • EASY -- No need to scan the QR code, just 4 steps to connect the device easily. 1) Register and log in the account in the download skymee app 2) Add the device, turn on the bluetooth to search for the device automatically 3) Click on the icon of the device, enter the wifi password to configure it successfully
  • FEEDING -- Timed and customized feeding, and remote control feeding through the app, 8L/17lb visualized large container + automatic screen door design, arrange healthy feeding for pets
  • SEE -- Support 2.4G and 5G WiFi. full 1080P HD camera with excellent night vision and motion monitoring function, let you capture your pet's movement at any time
  • TALK -- High-quality bi-directional microphone, no noise, no whistling, no echo, you can choose to talk to your pet anytime, anywhere. Plus you can record your customized voice messages to help them get used to the automatic feeder.
  • SHARE -- Videos and snapshot photos can be shared with family or friends on social media platforms. Up to 8 people can be online at the same time on one Skymee account.

Interactive Toys

These innovative toys are made to draw in your dog’s mental abilities and give amusement during your absence.

With a wide cluster of options accessible, interactive toys offer stimulating experiences that keep your canine’s mind sharp and boredom under control.

Furthermore, certain interactive toys might be helpfully controlled through a dedicated application, enabling you to effectively take part in playtime with your furry companion, regardless of your location. 

Recommended Product

Aluckmao Dog Puzzle Toy, Dog Treat Puzzle Food Feeder, Interactive Dog Toy (Slow Feeder)
  • 【Get Smarter 】 Dog Puzzle Toy, Increase his intellect by using some intellectual toys, our dog puzzle toys cover different difficult challenges to hunt food. Let doggy training with suitable dog treat puzzles, promoted from beginner to intermediate senior hard expert, dog food puzzles or dog feeder puzzle is good gift.
  • 【Slow Feeder】Dog Slow Feeder, our dog treat dispenser toy takes doggies 10-30 minutes to eat a cup of food, which helps lose weight. Find kibble from treat dispensing dog toys, once puppies know to use, they will love dog enrichment toys and occupied.
  • 【Busy& Entertain】Interactive Dog Toy Puzzle, maybe you have an activity dog, and you require some puzzle dog interactive toys to provide rewards then let him become busy entertainment, our interactive dog puzzle toys for boredom can supply assistance.
  • 【Mentally Stimulating】Stimulating Dog Toys, may you are working and leave your puppy alone, dog stimulation toys can get their attention, and they are preoccupied for awhile to search for treats. Dog mental stimulation toys provide long-term enjoyment.
  • 【Size & Breed】 10.24" x 4.25", our dog puzzle toy is suitable as dog puzzles for small dogs and puppy puzzle toys for small dogs, or dog puzzles for medium dogs and dog treat puzzles medium dogs, and even aslo suitable as dog puzzles for large dogs or dog enrichment toys for large dogs.

GPS Tracking Devices

Creative GPS tracking devices have arisen as an important devices in ensuring the safety of our beloved pets.

Designed to be safely attached to your canine’s restraint, these gadgets offer real-time area location-tracking capabilities.

With GPS technology available to you, you can easily monitor the whereabouts of your furry buddy, giving peace of mind, particularly for dogs that have a propensity for exploring or getting lost.

Recommended Product

Tracki GPS Tracker for Vehicles, USA Made Tech. 4G LTE Car GPS Tracking Device. Unlimited Distance, US & Worldwide. Small Portable Real time Mini Magnetic. Subscription Needed
  • Subscription required for each device. #1 Best Selling for 3 years. USA made Tech. Unlimited distance real time tracking 4G LTE +3 Bands. Full USA & worldwide coverage. International SIM card included. USA based company focused in GPS tracking. Our competition are just white label resellers. Our clients to name a few, are cellular Giant Vodafone & UPS. Track Vehicles, Cars, trucks, Children, ATV, assets. For each device a monthly fee of 19.95USD is required or as low as 9.95USD for long term plan
  • Smallest & lightest 1.8x1.6x 0.7in & only 1.26 oz. Combined 4G+3G+2G technology, best coverage as opposed to trackers with only 4G connection. In USA requires AT&T or T-Mobile coverage. Includes: Strong Magnet, Waterproof Silicone Cover, Belt Clip, Key Ring & Lanyard Use as gps tracker for trailers, luggage GPS tracker, key tracker, car tracker devices. The tracker features up to 5-years location history We believe the customer is king and offer live customer support 24/7 phone and chat.
  • Rechargeable battery lasts up to 2-5 days (depending on tracking mode) with real time tracking updates at 1-5min intervals and up to 60 days with 1-3 tracking updates p/day (battery saver mode). Optional 3,500mAh battery+magnetic waterproof box available providing x6 longer battery life: 3-4 weeks at 1min update and up to 10 months in battery saver mode (Search item B07YVNV82V). Use as GPS tracker for luggage, GPS tracker for kids, asset GPS tracker, vehicle tracker.
  • Tracking technology uses GPS primarily and Wi-Fi & GSM as a secondary backup. Tracki scans for nearby WiFi routers for accurate location when GPS is unavailable. View live tracking on the map, set real-time alerts when device crosses a geo-fence zone you preset when used as gps tracking device for car, tracking device for children or valuables. Receive SOS, low-battery, speed & movement alerts via push notification, email or (optional) SMS. Use as a cars tracker, GPS tracker for vehicles, kids GPS tracker
  • Our lifetime warranty covers lost or damaged devices. Tracki is cutting-edge, easy to set up and works right out-of-the-box within minutes without meddling with car & vehicle electronics. Use as a tracking device for cars, boat GPS tracker, bike tracker and more. Tracki's highly-rated dedicated mobile and web app is compatible with: Android, iOS and all web browsers (IOS 13 and up, Android 6 and up). Includes magnet attachment for GPS tracker car and waterproof silicone cover. gps para carros escondidos


Advancements in technology have reformed the pet industry, offering a wide cluster of innovative products for our fuzzy companions.

In 2023, pet owners approach a wonderful scope of tech solutions pointed toward further developing the well-being and happiness of their dogs.

From best-in-class pet trackers that guarantee their security to brilliant feeders that improve meal management, and interactive toys that engage with their minds, these cutting-edge products take care of the needs of dogs.

With progressing advancements, the future holds many additional promising developments in the domain of pet technology, lifting the existence of our canine companions higher than ever.

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