Top 20+ Buddhist Dog Names – Interesting Buddhist Names With Meanings

There are lots of dogs around a Buddhist temple or monastery and monks like to keep dogs as their guardians and to protect the whole area. So here are the best Buddhist dog names that you should consider for your furry friend. They also have interesting meanings that you can tell your friend!

Buddhist dog names
Aku Uncle
Norbu Jewel
Diki Healthy and wealthy
Dharma The eternal nature of reality
Jaya Victory (Hindi)
Dawa Born on Monday
Bumo Daughter
Karma Action
Apo Father
Pema Lotus
Choden The devout one
Las Another form of karma
Cunu Baby
Jampa Loving-kindness
Jinpa Generosity
Jampo Gentle
Chos Dharma
Dorjee Thunderbolt
Lama Spiritual teacher
Dalha Moon goddess
Kalsang Good fortune
buddhist dog names 2

These Buddhist names are very meaningful and every pup deserves a cool name like these. If you’re looking for more options, also check out our complete list of spiritual dog names with meanings.

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