50+ Candy Inspired Dog Names – Sweet Male & Female Dog Name Ideas

candy inspired dog names

Candy is a symbol of sweetness. 

So no doubt that most people are like chewing and eating candy. If your dog is as sweet as candy, it is probably a good option to name your puppy after the candy. 

In this article, we’ve covered all the candy names so you could get inspired to find the perfect name for your sweet puppy.

Male Candy Dog Names

Male candy dog names Notes
Rocky The Rocky Road candy bar is marshmallow that has been topped with cashews and covered in chocolate
Pocky A popular Japanese snack food that consists of a waver stick dipped in chocolate or other flavors (such as strawberry or matcha)
Rolo Caramel filled chocolate candies
Gummy Lots of candies can be gummy in texture, but this name is specifically for Gummy Bears
Mars A British chocolate bar
Skittle The candy that lets you “taste the rainbow”
Toffee A delicious sweet that is made by boiling sugar with butter and nuts
Andes The delicious miniature bar made of mint and chocolate
Goober Chocolate covered peanut candies
Toblerone A triangular shaped candy bar from Switzerland
Grand A 100 Grand Bar is made by Nestlé and is filled with crisped rice, chocolate, and caramel
Henry The O’Henry bar is made up of chocolate, fudge, caramel, and peanuts
Twizzler A twisted, licorice rope candy
Snickers Classic candy bar full of nuts, caramel, nougat, and chocolate
M&M The ever-so-popular bite size chocolate candies
Pez An Australian candy that comes out of unique dispensers
Cocoa This is the beginning to all chocolate bars and is grown in many places around the world such as Brazil
Jolly A shortened version of the Jolly Rancher
Clark Taken from the Clark Bar which is comprised of crispy peanut butter and chocolate
Ritter The shortened version of Ritter Sport candy
Hershey The very well-known chocolate and candy creating company
Heath A candy bar made of toffee and milk chocolate
Zero The Zero Candy Bar is a combination of caramel, peanuts, almond nougat, and white fudge
Wonka This name is taken from the candy master himself, Willy Wonka
Werther Short for Werther’s Original Candies
Cadbury A company that creates the Cream-filled Cadbury eggs
Musketeer This name is taken from the 3 Musketeer bar
Charleston Short for the Charleston Chew bar
A shortened version of the York Peppermint Patties
A crunchy, golden candy bar with a crispy peanut butter core

Female Candy Dog Names

Female candy dog names Notes
This name is short for the Starburst which is a fruit flavored chewy candy
This chocolate bar is made by Mars Inc. and consists of a biscuit and caramel covered in chocolate
Short for either the Tootsie Pop or the Tootsie Roll
The sweet substance used in the process of making candy
A small, colorful candy that is both sweet and slightly sour
A type of chocolate that is typically made of ganache covered in nuts or cocoa powder
Kit Kat
A crisp chocolate-covered waver bar
A honey flavored candy with almond pieces mixed inside
Taken from the Baby Ruth candy bar -5 Nestlé A brand of chocolate and candy makers
An Alpine milk chocolate that is typically filled with a milk and hazelnut cream
Jelly Bean
A gummy candy that comes in many varieties of flavors and is encased in a hard sugar shell
Made of sugar that has been cooked until turning golden brown, and then cooled
This name is taken from the Pixie Stick which is a slightly sour dust candy contained inside a paper stick
A colorful hard disk-candy that is designed by Willy Wonka Candy (owned by Nestlé)
A chewy candy that is made from boiled sugar, butter, and flavoring
A sweet gummy candy covered in sugar
A sugar coated marshmallow candy -3 Reese’s A delicious peanut butter base encased in a chocolate covering
The healthy ingredient added to lots of chocolate candies to add a bit of crunch
A chocolate company founded in Belgium
Germany’s first candy brand
A sweet food that is made with sugar or syrup and combined with things such as nuts, chocolate, or fruits
This is a brand of chocolate makers
A taffy candy bar with a peanut butter center
Taken from the Skybar which is made up of four candy bars that are filled with caramel, vanilla, peanut, or fudge
May also be shortened to Jube, this candy is found in multiple different types, from hard to gummy in texture
This name is taken not only from the fact that candy brings joy, but from the Almond Joy candy bar as well
Also known as Candy Buttons or Pox, these are small bits of candy attached to strips of paper
A flavoring in a lot of different candies such as Lollipops and Cherry Sours

If you think these names are sweet, then check our list of the sweetest girl dog names for more ideas.

There are many unique ways to name your precious puppy, one of them is to name your dog after a food since there are tons of food name ideas that could inspire you, especially if your dog is a big eater. So, you can visit our food dog names to make your choice easier. 

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