120+ Cartoon Pig Names to Give Your New Pet Piglet

Looking for the perfect name for your new pet piglet? Check out this list of over 120 cartoon pig names!

From Porky Pig to Wilbur, these names will give your little porker a playful and unique identity.

So whether you’re looking for something funny or cute, we’ve got you covered. So what are you waiting for? Start naming that piggy!

cartoon pig names

Here are the best cartoon-inspired pet pig names that you should consider for your pet piglet.

Pig Names From Cartoons And Animations

Pig Names From Cartoons And Animations
Peppa Pig (Source:
Name Origin Description
Akio Ogino Spirited Away Chihiro’s father who is transformed into a pig as punishment for eating the food of the spirits alongside his wife.
Pig and his cousin Arnold Kipper the Dog Friends of Kipper.
Tattoo The Secret Life of Pets A pig who is one of the Flushed Pets
Oolong Dragon Ball An anthropomorphic pig that has the ability to shapeshift, although he is only limited to transforming for five minutes at a time.
Truffles Happy Tree Friends Truffles is a bluish-gray pig who wears a sailor’s hat and outfit.
Dumpling 101 Dalmatians: The Series Mayor Ed Pig’s Daughter
Bo, Portley and Pighead Bacon Piggsburg Pigs 3 pig brothers who live in a city of anthropomorphic pigs and battle monstrous creatures from the Forbidden Zone.
Fluffy South Park Eric Cartman’s pet pig. She only appeared in two episodes, An Elephant Makes Love to a Pig and Cherokee Hair Tampons.
Mr. W. C. Squeals Merrie Melodies Appears in At Your Service Madame and Cracked Ice.
Pig WordWorld A pig who is made up of the word “P” “I” and “G”, and he loves to cook food that is made up of letters.
Urii (Juuni Senshi Bakuretsu Eto Ranger) 12th member of the team
Waddles Gravity Falls Mabel’s pet pig.
Plopper/Spider-Pig/Harry Plopper The Simpsons Movie A pig whom Homer Simpson adopts.
Max HoouseBroken George Clooney’s pet Berkshire pig. Voiced by Tony Hale
Rosita Sing A pig who dreams of singing and is a mother of 25 children.
Nago Princess Mononoke The boar god, corrupted by an iron ball lodged in his body.
Huxley Huxley Pig A pig who is always dreaming of adventure, exciting professions and encounters.
Wibbly Wibbly Pig A cheerful pig.
Hamm Toy Story A piggy bank.
Bebop Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles An anthropomorphic, mutant warthog.
The Three Little Pigs The Raccoons Three little pigs who are the bumbling henchmen of Cyril Sneer.
Treat Heart Pig Care Bears Cousin to the care bear.
Leonard The Angry Birds Movie Also known as “King Mudbeard” and the main antagonist.
Cornfed Duckman A detective’s assistant, that solves crimes
Petunia Pig Merrie Melodies Porky Pig’s girlfriend.
Yūko Ogino Spirited Away Chihiro’s mother who is transformed into a pig as punishment for eating the food of the spirits alongside her husband.
Peppa Pig Peppa Pig A pig who enjoys jumping in muddy puddles, her teddy bear, playing fairy, and dress up.
Borsti Werner – Das muß kesseln!!! Werner and Andi’s “house pig”
Pumbaa The Lion King and The Lion King (2019 film) A flatulent warthog, Timon’s best friend and Simba’s adoptive uncle.
Red Angry Birds Toons A cardinal who is the leader of the flock that got turned into a pig by Chef Pig
Piggies Home on the Range A Trio of Three young Piglets
P-Chan Ranma ½ Ryoga Hibiki’s Cursed form.
Pua Moana Moana’s pet Kunekune pig.
Manbearpig South Park An animal who is a hybrid of a man, bear and a pig, but doesn’t actually exist.
Porky Pig Looney Tunes A stuttering pig.
Sir Oinksalot The Simpsons The mascot of Springfield A&M university. First introduced in Homer Goes to College.
Archille Forest Friends A wild boar.
Hawk The Seven Deadly Sins A talking pig and Meliodas’s pet/companion. He is introduced as the cleaner of the Boar Hat bar.
Okkoto Princess Mononoke Leader of the boars
Hamton J. Pig Tiny Toon Adventures A neat freak who is a junior version of Porky Pig.
Ryl Jewelpet A miniature pig who is based on the red beryl gemstone and symbolizes Mind and Body Purification.
Pansy Pig Henry’s Cat One of the friends of Henry’s Cat.
Dobson Ice Age: Continental Drift A Metridiochoerus who is one of Captain Gutt’s minions.
Spanky Ham
Drawn Together
Runt of the Litter Chicken Little  
Mayor Percy
Dot and the Koala
Mr. Porky The Simpsons  
Chuck Camp Lazlo  
Mrs. Warthog
My Gym Partner’s a Monkey
Tonton Naruto  
Porco Rosso
Kurenai no buta
Mervis CatDog  
Grunt and Punt
Grunt and Punt
Merrie Melodies
Alpha Pig Super Why!  
The Three Little Pigs
Silly Symphonies
Tonrariano the 3rd Tonde Burin  
Petal Big Barn Farm  
Peter Pig Disney Toons  
Hen Wen
The Black Cauldron

Pig Name From Comics

Pig Name From Comics
Name Origin Description
Verk Olle Kapoen An anthropomorphic pig who is the best friend of Olle Kapoen the gnome.
Percy Porker Bobby Bear Good friend of Bobby Bear.
Piggles Hoot A pig who wants to be a fighter pilot. Parody of Biggles.
Priscilla Boner’s Ark One of the recurring passengers on board of Boner’s ark.
Pig Pearls Before Swine A dim-witted pig whose stupidity is frequently exploited by Rat.
McMug Ming Pao One of the most popular cartoon figures in Hong Kong, popular with children and adults.
Uncle Pigg Oink! The fictional editor of the comic.
Podgy Pig Rupert Bear A good friend of Rupert.
Toots Tim, Toots & Teeny Main cast member in a 1929-1937 British comic strip.
Peter Porkchops/Pig Iron Leading Comics (as Pig Iron, Captain Carrot and His Amazing Zoo Crew!) A pig whose body became complete steel after falling into a vat of molten metal.
Piggy the pig Teddy Tail One of Teddy Tail’s friends, created by Herbert Sidney Foxwell.
Wonder Wart-Hog Wonder Wart-Hog A superhero parody.
Hamhock Ink Pen A pig who tries to get famous.
Cicero Dell Comics Porky Pig’s nephew.
Captain Goodvibes Tracks Inspired by Gilbert Shelton’s Wonder Wart-Hog.
Peter Porker Billy Bimbo and Peter Porker [11] Anthropomorphic pig and best friend of the human Billy Bimbo.
Porkyboy Pig The Bruin Boys, aka Tiger Tim One of Tiger Tim’s friends.
Squigley Fatwater Sinfest An anthropomorphic pig who enjoys smoking marijuana, eats junkfood and watches porn.
The pigs from La Foire aux Cochons La Foire aux Cochons Nameless pigs who serve as a satirical metaphor for human society.
Beverly D’Oinkeau The Adventures of Sly Cooper Dimitri Lousteau’s ex-fiancée whom he engaged with in order to steal her wealth.
Rosalie Pig Rupert Bear Cousin of Podgy Pig.
Cerdotado Cerdotado A superhero character.
Bebop Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Mutated human/warthog. Rocksteady’s sidekick and one of Shredder’s henchmen.
Bertie and Billie Boar Jungle Jinks A pair of twins and part of the main cast.
Spekkie Big Spekkie Big Protagonist in a Dutch gag-a-day comic.
Peter Porker/Spider-Ham Marvel Comics A parody of the Peter Parker/Spider-Man character
Piggy and Wiggy Piggy and Wiggy – The Porker Twins British gag-a-day comic strip from the 1930, published in the magazine Bubble.
Salomey Li’l Abner The Yokum family’s pet pig.
Rasher Dennis the Menace Dennis’ pet pig, who received his own spin-off comic.
Solid MacHogany Pogo A clarinet-playing pig in a jazz band.
Wagner Viivi & Wagner An anthropomorphic pig who lives with a human female.
Porkchop Chuck Billy  
Orson Pig U.S. Acres  
Chauvy Monica’s Gang  

Pig Name From Television

Pig Name From Television
Name Origin Description
Pigby Pushing Daisies Olive Snook’s pet pig.
Maxwell GEICO Frequent appearances in television and radio advertisements.
The Oinker Sisters Sesame Street The trio of singing female pigs who appear on Sesame Street. They are best known for their hit song, The New Way To Walk.
Purk Sesamstraat A baby puppet from the Dutch version of Sesame Street.
Doc Hogg Bear in the Big Blue House A friendly pig doctor of the Woodland Valley community
Cybernetically augmented pig Doctor Who In the episode “Aliens of London”.
Little Cory Boy Meets World
He was introduced in a high school episode as a little piglet and reappeared as a huge full-grown boar in a college episode.
Doris A Country Practice
A beer drinking pig.
Hamhock Power Rangers: Jungle Fury A pig monster.
Pinky and Perky The Good Life (1975 TV series)
Two pigs who belong to Tom and Barbera Good.
Peking Homunculus Doctor Who
A vicious robot from the future in the story “The Talons of Weng-Chiang”.
Miss Piggy The Muppet Show
A self-important diva and one of the most iconic puppets on this show.
Flying Pig The Kids in the Hall
He is shown entertaining people in lineups.
Pig Pipkins
One of the main characters of this children’s show, Pig had a Black Country accent.
Miggy Migros
A sponsor pig for the supermarket Migros in Switzerland, Germany, France.
Big Big & Betsy.
A puppet character in a Belgian children’s TV show.
Pinky and Perky
Puppet pigs who spoke in speeded up voices, created by Czech immigrants Jan and Vlasta Dalibor (BBC television, from 1968).
Scruffy the pig Full House  
Professor Strangepork
The Muppet Show
Pigsy Monkey  
Capt. Link Hogthrob
The Muppet Show
Annie Sue
The Muppet Show
Grunty .hack  
Piggley Winks
Jakers! The Adventures of Piggley Winks
Arnold Ziffel Green Acres.  

Whether you’re looking for a name that will make your piglet feel at home or one that will make everyone else laugh, we’ve got you covered.

We hope this list of cartoon pig names has inspired you to give your new pet piglet the perfect name.

If not, be sure to check out our other lists of famous pig names for more naming inspiration.

Now it’s time to get creative! What will you name your new little porker?

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