100 Cat Names Meaning Strong For Both Male And Female Kitten


There are cat names that mean strong. These cat names for males and females can carry a sense of strength with them, as well as potentially being the name adopted by one’s cat.

If you have been looking up cat names or kitten names that may mean strong, then read on our best cat name ideas that mean strong!

Male Cat Names meaning Strong

Names Origin Meanings
Zane Hebrew God’s gracious gift.
Aziel Hebrew
God is my power.
Aiden Celtic
The sun god, fiery.
Ethan Hebrew
Strong, safe, firm.
Chance English Good fortune.
David . Hebrew Beloved
Asher Hebrew
Happy or blessed.
Henry German
Ruler of the household.
Charlie . English Free
Isaiah Hebrew
Salvation of the lord.
Ryan Irish
Descendent of the king, little king.
Caelan Irish
Powerful warrior, victorious people.
Ian Scottish God is gracious.
Liam Irish
Strong-willed warrior and protector.
Anthony . Latin Priceless
Xander Greek
Protector of men.
Nathan Hebrew He gave.
Elliot Hebrew Lord is my God.
Lucas Latin
Light-giving, illumination.
Levi Hebrew
Joined in harmony.
Owen Welsh
Young warrior, well-born, noble.
Felix Latin
Happy, fortunate.
Nolan Gaelic
A descendant of a chariot fighter or champion, famous, noble.
Zachary Hebrew
Remembered by God.
William German
Strong-willed warrior, resolute protection.
Edward English
Wealthy guardian.
Jayce . Greek Healer
Isaac Hebrew He will laugh.
Julian Latin
Father of the skies.
Miles . Latin Soldier
Josiah Hebrew
Fire of the Lord, healer.
Ezra . Hebrew Helper
Milo . German Merciful
Aaron . Hebrew Enlightened
Edric English
Power and good fortune.
Matthew Hebrew Gift from God.
Azai . Hebrew Strength
Oswald English Divine power.
Robert German Bright fame.
Gabriel Hebrew
Devoted to God, a hero of God, God is my strength.
Austin Latin Majestic dignity.
Ned English
Wealthy guardian.
Alexander Greek
Defender of men.
Amory German
Leader, divine, brave, powerful.
Amell German
Power of an eagle.
Andrew Greek
Strong, manly, courageous.
Kano Japanese
One’s masculine power, capability.
Noah Hebrew Rest, comfort.
Magnus . Latin Greatest
Jonathan Hebrew God gives.

Female Cat Names meaning Strong

Names Origin Meanings
Abigail Hebrew The father’s joy.
Alessia Italian
Defending warrior.
Alexandra Greek
Helper, defender of mankind.
Alice English Noble, kind.
Amara Latin
Strong, attractive, stylish.
Amelia German
Industrious, striving.
Anne Hebrew Favored grace.
Arabella Latin Lovely, elegant.
Audree French
Nobility, strength.
Arianna . Greek Holy
Avery . French Wise
Callie Greek Most beautiful.
Calynn Gaelic
Powerful in battle.
Charlotte French Petite, feminine.
Charvi . Sanskrit Beautiful
Claire Latin
Bright, clear, famous, brilliant.
Cora Greek Filled heart.
Darlene English
Darling, loved one.
Della German Noble, bright.
Diana Latin Moon Goddess.
Eleanor Greek
Bright, shining one, sun rays.
Ella English
Light, beautiful fairy woman.
Eva . Hebrew Life
Farrah . Arabic Happy
Faye French
Loyalty, confidence, trust, belief.
Gabriella Hebrew Devoted to God.
Grace Latin
Goodness, generosity.
Hannah Hebrew
Favor, grace of God.
Isabelle Hebrew
God is my strength, devoted to God.
Jocelyn Latin Happy, joyful.
Kaitlyn . Greek Pure
Kalila Arabic Heap of love.
Layla Egyptian Dark beauty.
Mackenzie Gaelic
Child of the wise leader.
Malia . Hawaiian Beloved
Mia Latin
Mine, wished-for child.
Mila Russian
Industrious, hardworking.
Millie Latin
Free-born, strength, determination.
Naila . Arabic Successful
Nora Greek Shining light.
Reagan Irish Little ruler.
Reveka . Hebrew Captivating
Samantha . Hebrew Listener
Sarah . Hebrew Princess
Shayna Yiddish
Beautiful, God is gracious.
Sophia . Greek Wisdom
Stella Greek A star.
Vivian Latin Full of life.
Zahra . Arabic Flower
Zoe . Greek Life

These are some great cat names meaning strong that will be sure to make everyone know who is in charge!

If none of these take your fancy, don’t worry, we have plenty more options on our tough cat names!

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