17 Celebrity Pets Who Travel in Style: Private Jets, Yachts, and More

#11 Ice-T and Coco’s dogs, Maximus and Alexis

Flying can be ruff, but Ice-T and Coco's pups Maximus and Alexis are seasoned jet-setting pros.

#12 Ariana Grande and Toulouse

Another celebrity travels the world with her canine entourage. Ariana Grande carries her pup, Toulouse, to hotels and even Vogue photo sessions.

#13 Paris Hilton and Diamond

Paris Hilton brings her chihuahua Diamond Baby on all her glittery vacations.

#14 Oprah and Luke

Also, getting first-class treatment in flight? Oprah's pup Luke was captured by Oprah's pal Gayle King getting a calming snuggle from his A-list dog mom.

#15 Taylor Swift and Meredith

Singer Taylor Swift believes that home is where her cats are, which is why Meredith Grey makes a purr-fect travel companion.

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