14 Celebrity Pets with Their Own Social Media Accounts

It’s no doubt that celebrities get thousands or millions of followers on their social media accounts. But how about celebrity pets? Yes, even the adorable pets of celebrities are blessed with their own social media account and have even more followers than us. It’s become the norm over the past few years for celebrities to share photos and videos of their furry friends with their fans. Here are 15 celebrity pets that have their own social media accounts. Look at their fan base and how many followers they have!

#1 Diana Chopra

Priyanka Chopra's dog, Diana, is a celebrity in her own right!

Diana has her own popular Instagram account under the handle @diariesofdiana, and her photos from her travels are adorably adorable.

#2 Kane Songz

American R&B singer Trey Songz's dog, Kane Songz, has his own Instagram account and his very own fanbase. 

During Trey’s most recent tour, his fans made posters dedicated to the black and white Frenchton. Talk about popular! Follow him at @kanesongz.

#3 Wacha Cohen

Talk show host Andy Cohen and his dog Wacha Cohen is an adorable story. Wacha was rescued in a kill shelter in West Virginia and has since gone on to capture the hearts of dog lovers all across the world.

His photos are super-entertaining and it shows just how close his bond is with his human father. Follow him at @therealwacha

#4 Finn

Amanda Seyfried's Australian Shepherd, Finn, is living the life of your dreams if you are a dog lover and enjoy nature.

Finn's Instagram feed is full of inspiration, and it will make you want to venture out and discover like he does. Follow him at @finnsite.

#5 The Hilton Pets

Tinkerbell, the late dog of Paris Hilton, was once one of Hollywood's most well-known pets. It's always hard to see celebrity pets that passed away

Paris has since become a mother to several additional fur babies and has established a whole page dedicated to the luxurious dog's lives. Follow them all @hiltonpets

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