14 Celebrity Pets with Their Own Social Media Accounts

#6 Gary Fisher

The late Carrie Fisher, or 'Princess Leia' of Star Wars, left behind an adorable French Bulldog named Gary, who has become a star of his own on Instagram. 

His heartfelt messages to his mother, who died from a heart attack in December 2016, filled fans with sadness.

He continues to update fans on his whereabouts on his verified Instagram account, @garyfisher

#7 Miss Asia Kinney

Miss Asia Kinney might have Taylor Kinney’s last name, but she sure has her mom Lady Gaga’s sense of style. 

Since adopting the French Bulldog, the pair has split up, but the Instagram account continues to thrive with pictures of the dog's cuddliest outfits and incredible lifestyle.

Because the pup has previously modeled for Coach, her Instagram photos are well worth the follow. Find her at @missasiakinney

#8 Normie and Bambi Jenner

Even though Kylie Jenner is a famous celebrity, she has always been deeply devoted to her pets. When her dogs Norman and Bambi Jenner had pups in 2016, she skipped the American Music Awards to spend more time with them.

The selfie queen frequently included the pair of Italian Greyhounds in her Instagram pictures, so she decided to create an account for them.

Follow them on Instagram @normieandbambijenner.

#9 Miss Nugget Perry

The American Idol judge, Katy Perry, created an Instagram for her dog, Nugget, ahead of the release of her music video for “Small Talk,” which features the adorable teacup poodle. 

“Just some #SmallTalk on #InternationalDogDay with @missnuggetperry. See you at The Mutt Ball, where we make fetch happen,” she captioned an Instagram picture in August 2019.

#10 Champ Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg's pup, Champ, already has more than 88,000 followers and continues to grow with all the cute photos posted frequently. 

"We’re trying to get @champeranian verified, but he’s more focused on food," Wahlberg captioned a video of his puppy in December 2019.

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