60 Cookie Inspired Dog Names For Both Male & Female Dogs

Cookie inspired dog names

Cookies are delicious foods that are better served with a glass of milk. It has been our everyday needs since we enjoy those yummy foods anytime. 

If you are a cookie lover and looking for a name to name your dog, you should name him/her with a cookie name. So, here are our cookie-inspired dog name ideas for you.

Male Cookie Dog Names

Male cookie dog names Notes
Benne A Sesame Seed Cookie
Pistachio A small green nut that is used for crunch and flavoring 1
Buddy Short for Buddy Bars, which are peanut butter filled wafers
Wafer A thin, lightweight cookie with a lot of crunch
Raisin A dehydrated fruit that is commonly used for texture and fruity flavor
Amos Famous Amos cookies are small, bagged chocolate chip cookies
Monster Monster Cookies are large cookies filled with things such as oatmeal, M&Ms, chocolate chips, and raisins
Buckeye Peanut butter fudge dipped partially in chocolate
Tim-Tam An Australian chocolate biscuit that is made up of two layers of chocolate cookie filled with chocolate cream filling, then covered in more chocolate
Pepperidge A brand of cookies that make Milano cookies and much more
Fudge Intense chocolate flavor that is a common feature in brownies
Strudel A spiral cookie that is commonly filled with fruit
Oreo Two thin chocolate cookies that sandwich a thin layer of cream
Biscoff A delicious crunchy cookie with a great caramelized flavor
Brownie A moist and heavenly chocolate cookie bar
Chip An ingredient used in many different cookies and include chocolate chips, butterscotch chips, and white chocolate chips (to name a few)
Biscuit An English name for cookies
Rosketti Traditional Chamorro cornstarch cookies
Butter Not only an ingredient in cookies, but also a type of shortbread cookie known as Butter Cookies
Milano A thin layer of chocolate surrounded by two crunchy biscuit cookies
Bourbon The Bourbon Biscuit is made of two dark-chocolate flavored biscuits that sandwich chocolate buttercream filling
Jaffa A biscuit sized cake that is comprised of three layers including a sponge base, a layer of orange jam, and a chocolate covering
Almond A common flavoring in cookies such as Almond Joy cookies and Almond Butter Crunch cookies
Whoopie A Whoopie Pie is made of cream filling sandwiched between two small chocolate cakes
Teddy Short for Teddy Grahams which are small graham cracker cookies in the shape of bears
Macaron Pronounced (ma-ca-ron) and made with meringue, sandwiching a layer of cream
Graham Short for Graham Cracker
Amaretti A small, crunchy cookie with an intense almond flavor
Peanutbutter The main ingredient in Peanut Butter Cookies
Mocha A flavoring that can be used in cookies

Female Cookie Dog Names

Female cookie dog names Notes
Coc Chocolate
A cookie that is flavored with powdered ginger, cinnamon, molasses, and nutmeg
Small, shell shaped sponge cakes
Cookies made with a lemon zest, anise seed, and lemon extract flavor
Soft, chewy cookies that are filled with butterscotch flavor and butterscotch chips
Long Italian almond biscuits commonly dipped in a drink
Short for Lady Fingers
A confection that is made with sugar, egg whites, and corn syrup while being flavored with things like vanilla or peppermint
A cookie flavor that is typically paired with chocolate chips and popular during the fall months
Nilla Wafers are vanilla flavored wafer cookies
Common ingredient in cookies
A thick, dark brown syrup that is derived from sugar
A traditional Italian waffle cookie
Sandy Pecan
cookies rolled in powdered sugar
A vanilla almond wafer cookie with a hint of lemon and filled with jam
The American word for a dense, chewy, flourless cookie that is usually made with coconut
A rich tea biscuit
Nutella cookies are delicious creations that use the Hazelnut spread, Nutella as a primary ingredient
A peanut butter cookie with a Hershey’s kiss in the middle
A fluffy cookie rolled in cinnamon sugar
An ingredient that can be just an additive or the star of the show, such as in Old German Honey Cookies
Abernethy A type of biscuit
Anisette An Italian cookie
Finikia A Greek cookie
A small cake made from stiff, sweet dough
A drop cookie that has pralines and chopped pecans
A warm nutty flavoring for cookies that can also add texture when chopped into the dough
A common ingredient in cookies such as Monster and Oatmeal Cookies
Small cookies that can be filled with jam or cream
A square shaped shortbread cookie

It is important to name your dog with a unique name since you don’t want your dog to have a commonly used name. So, naming your dog inspired food names would be a good option to name your puppy, and you can find tons of ideas on our food dog names

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