6 Veterinarian’s Tips To Read Before Offering Any Supplement To Your Dog


Humans need supplements for added nutrition as not everyone can get the right amount of nutrients every time they eat. But, how about for dogs?

On the other hand, dogs usually get the right amount of nutrients that they need, unlike humans. This is because dog food is already made like that. However, it may still depend on the brand and the type of dog food that they eat. Hence, sometimes, they may still need supplements.

But before you decide to give them supplements, here are some things you need to know first.

Don’t Just Give Any Supplements

Because dog food is usually packed with vitamins and minerals that your dog needs, your dog might not need supplements anymore. If you just give them any supplements without knowing if their body needs it, chances are, they might overdose on the vitamins and it could take a toll on their health even more.

Too much calcium for dogs, for instance, could only cause them skeletal issues, especially for large-breed dogs. Too much vitamin A can also be harmful to them as it could cause dehydration, joint pain, and even harm their blood vessels. Remember, too much of anything can be bad too.

Ask Before Giving Supplements

For any health-related concerns you may have, it’s important to ask your trusted vet first. Questions like “can I give my dog melatonin?”, “how much vitamins does my dog require”, and the likes can only be answered by a professional. They know how to care for animals better and they can even give supplements or vitamin recommendations.

Asking your vet is also helpful so you’re sure that your dog isn’t taking too much of a certain supplement or vitamin, which could worsen their health over time.

Read the Label

The instructions on a supplement’s container are important. It tells you how much should be given and how often your dog should take it to prevent overdose or other health issues, especially some should be taken with food.

If your trusted vet has recommended a supplement for your dog, it’s a must that you read its label first. This way, you can give the right dosage at the right time to your dog, which is crucial for their health.

Get the Right Form

Animals are a bit like babies. Each of them is different and can be a bit difficult to give medicine to. That said, it is important to get the right form of supplements. This way, giving them supplements will be a lot easier.

To know which form of supplement is best, you can’t merely depend on your instincts. Instead, ask your vet about it. They know which one will be easier for your dog to ingest.

However, it may also depend on how picky your dog is. So, another way to find the right form of supplement is to try different types of supplement forms.

Choose the Right Supplements


Choosing the right supplements for your dog is crucial for their overall wellbeing. Because, again, too much of a certain vitamin could cause them to harm eventually. So, make sure to choose the right vitamins.

To do that, it’s a must to work with your vet. They can conduct tests to find out which vitamins or nutrients your dog is lacking. Then, they can suggest solutions for that and might even prescribe one that is best for your dog.

This way, you’re sure that your dog will be able to get the right vitamins and minerals that it needs. Plus, you won’t have to worry about getting too much of them.

You Need to Be Creative

Dogs can be like babies too. And somehow, they know how to dodge the pill you put in their mouths. And if you’re not prepared for it, making your dog take its meds can be a bit tiring and stressful. Therefore, before you give supplements to your dog, note that you also need to be more creative in giving them supplements.

One of the ways you can do that is to mix the supplement with your dog’s food. This will mask its smell and taste. You can also use treats. The trick for this is to wrap the pill with your dog’s favorite treat. If that doesn’t work, then you can also try emptying the gel caps or crushing the pills. Then, mix it directly with your dog’s food.

Your dog’s health is their wealth too. Hence, make sure they get the right nutrients they need so they will live longer and more comfortably.

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