A pet food bank gave out 40,000 servings of dog meals


A pet food bank gave out 40,000 servings of dog meals to people who couldn’t afford to feed their dogs.

A Welsh charity that feeds hungry dogs has seen a surge in demand in the last year. In the last year alone, Pet Food Bank Service served 40,000 meals to dog owners who could not afford to feed their dogs with healthy foods.

This was up from 9,000 meals provided in the previous year.

The organization supports a variety of clients, including the homeless, those in financial difficulty, and furloughed employees.

“This year has been really incredible for us,” said Debi Emmett, the charity’s CEO.

“We’re having trouble keeping up with demand. I’m having to turn people away from the outside of our coverage area because we’re running out of supplies.”

However, she says that the service is more than just a food bank. “People come to us for different reasons.

Most people who need us do so because they have no money and it’s a last resort.

They plan to expand into serving the whole of South Wales as soon as possible.

In 2017, Miss Emmett began the service with her friend.

She has always been fond of animals and previously fostered dogs. Now that she has her own dog, Ruby, she comes to the food bank as well.

“I fostered Frenchies for years but one of them I just couldn’t give up,” explained Miss Emmett.

Debi Emmett
Debi Emmet with dog foods: source walesonline

She also has a full-time career and heads the charity. She spends up to 90 hours each week ensuring that hungry dogs have food.

The number of canines in need appears to be increasing this year.

“We get a wide range of clients,” Ms. Emmett added.

“There are individuals on low income or benefits, homeless people, and more recently those who have been impacted by Covid.”

“It’s wonderful to be able to assist someone,” Ms. Emmett said. “However, it is difficult when I am unable to always assist and animals go without food.”

The pet food bank is an excellent example of how people are willing to help one another in times of need.

We hope that you too will find the inspiration and motivation needed to provide for those less fortunate than yourself, by donating or volunteering at your local animal shelter or soup kitchen.

You never know who might be counting on kindness from strangers like you today.

Source: gofundme

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