60+ Eight Below Dog Names: The Best Names Inspired by the Movie

Looking for a name for your new dog? Why not consider one of the many names inspired by the movie Eight Below!

This heartwarming film tells the story of eight sled dogs who are left stranded in Antarctica and must find a way to survive the harsh conditions.

The names of these brave dogs have been used for inspiration by dog owners around the world, and we’ve collected some of our favorites here. So whether you’re looking for something unique or something traditional, we’ve got you covered!

eight below dog names

Here are the best dog names that you should consider for your new pup inspired by the movie, Eight Below.

Male Eight Below Inspired Dog Names

Male Eight Below Inspired Dog Names
Fang A good name for a loyal but fierce dog
Legend Eight Below is based on a true story and has become a legend in its time
Wolf An ancient relation to the dog; they are survivors of the frozen lands
Togo The name of a famous Alaskan Sled Dog
Titan A dog with this name will be strong, a legend among others
Blizzard A ferocious storm that prevented Shepard (the dog handler) from getting back to save the dogs
Khan Another strong leader, to help lead the pack thorugh the ice wasteland
Akiak A brave dog such as were the dogs left behind in Eight Below
Blitz This dog will destroy any obstacle in his way on the road to survival
Resolve Every dog had the courage and resolve to survive the freezing conditions
Dewey One of the dogs left behind chained up and abandoned
Scout The dogs had to scout around to find food at the abandoned bases
Kaskae A chief or great leader, one who manages others
Shadow An Alaskan Malamute who played the part of one of the surviving team
Shepard The human star in the movie who was responsible for the dogs
Yukon After the mighty Yukon River and wilderness
Sesi The name means snow, which there was plenty of in Eight Below
Tank Solid, reliable and one who can be depended upon
Max Played by a Siberian Husky, Max got separated from the team but reunited later
Alpha The number one dog, the leader of the pack
Truman A Siberian Husky in the movie who lived to be rescued
Buck An Alaskan Malamute in the movie
Nilak A dog has eyes the color of chipped ice
Ghost For a dog who moves silently like a ghost gliding over the icecaps
Mako A dog who is as smooth on the snow, as the shark is in the water
Storm Something you get often in the icy forbidden Antarctic region
Tonrar Known as the devil, a tough dog who can handle a blizzard
Blaze To make a trail through the deep snow and ice – to blaze a trail
Suka A dog who can run fast and outwit any adversary
Diablo A defiant dog, one who nevers gives up and refuses to give in

Female Eight Below Inspired Dog Names

Female Eight Below Inspired Dog Names
Maya One of the lead dogs in Eight Below
Jewel A dog who is a precious as the rarest jewel
Chaos A good name for a dog who can handle any chaos that happens
Virtue A dog who has the intensity and ability to survive most situations
Kaya For a dog who will stay until you say to go – like the dogs in Eight Below
Solstice A special time of the year on the calendar
Misty The wilderness is often misty after a heavy storm
Twilight Neither dark nor light, this time of the day is the passage between night and day
Miska Perfect for a snow dog’s name – it means little bear
Shady A dog that is all shades white, grey and black
Queen A dog who reigns over others such as Maya – the lead dog in the sled team
Desna She is the boss of the other dogs
Endurance Something every dog needs to survive in the Antartic
Glory The six surviving dogs deserved all the glory
Nanuk A dog with the heart of a polar bear
Spirit Spirit and courage are the characteristics of the sled dog team
Patience A dog who has endurance and the will to live
Bella For a dog that is as beautiful as the fresh Arctic snows
Mooshka Sweet and cute, a term of endearment for your fluffy dog
Shila One who conducts themselves positively and has strength in their conduct
Qannik This unsual name means ‘snowflake’
Delta Like the mighty river deltas around the world, truly impressive
Nikita Translated it means ‘Victory’ and that is what the Eight Below dog team achieved
Foxy For a dog with a warm, thick coat and cute face
Denali This lovely name means ‘Great One’
Star Sled dogs are the true stars of the icy, frozen wilderness
Lady A true lady but with the heart of a lioness
Sakari A lovely name for a sweet dog
Takaani A dog that looks like a wolf and has the courage of a wolf will suit this name

If you’re looking for a unique dog name that will make everyone who hears it do a double-take, one of these Eight Below-inspired names is sure to fit the bill. Otherwise, you can check our list of dog names inspired by movies and TV shows for more options.

We’ve come up with over sixty different options, so there’s something for everyone. Which one will you choose? Share in the comments below!

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