Get Inspired By These 10+ Examples of Catios We Love!

If you’re a cat person with limited outdoor living space, then catios are perfect for you.

A portmanteau of the words ‘cat’ and ‘patio,’ a catio is an enclosed outdoor area designed specifically for your feline friend to explore without worrying about coyotes, cars, or other neighborhood dangers.

Think of it like giving your kitty their own personal playground! Some options include simple structures using basic building materials, while others require specialized design plans and construction services.

Regardless of how fancy or functional your catio is, your furry companion will love being able to stretch their legs (or paws) in fresh air and sunlight! Here are a few catio ideas to get you started.

10 + Catio Ideas and Examples

Check out these amazing catio ideas that you and your kitty will love.

Outdoor Cat House


Get creative with your catio by designing a cat house that resembles a human dwelling. Incorporate a bungalow-style roof and shiplap walls to create a cozy cottage ambiance.


Surround the cat house with cat-friendly plants and flowers for your feline’s amusement.

To complete the charming look, add adorable window boxes to your DIY cat house that will allow your cat to observe the outside world from the safety of their haven.


With the right materials, you can effortlessly transform any ordinary catio into a stunning miniature home for your cherished feline companion.

Window Catio


Instead of building a new addition, consider window extensions. These balcony-like structures have screens to keep pests and predators out.


It’s a cost-effective and simple way to give your cat sunlight, fresh air, and a view while keeping them safe.

Porch with a screen


One creative idea for a catio is to use a screened porch, providing your cat with fresh air and protection from potential hazards in nature.


The screened porch also offers you an opportunity to relax and spend quality time with your cat, enjoying the outdoors within the confines of your home.

A Green Cage


To seamlessly integrate the cage with its surroundings, paint it in a green or natural tone.

Enhance the environment by placing plants nearby and incorporating bird feeders, providing visual stimulation and soothing bird sounds.

Include fun elements like tire swings or scratching posts within the cage to enrich your cat’s life and encourage mental exploration of the outdoors.

By incorporating creativity, you can create a delightful haven for your pet while promoting environmental sustainability.

DIY Ramp and Walkway


Create a private outdoor retreat for your cat with DIY walkway ramps, DIY cat shelves, reclaimed wood, and scratchboards.

Designing walkways within the catio allows your cat to explore and exercise while staying secure.

Include perches made from reclaimed wood with ample space for scratching posts to provide your cat with engaging activities just outside your door.

Cages in tiers


Creating tiered cages is an excellent way to ensure all your cats enjoy their fair share of fun without disruption.

By attaching multiple cages side-by-side or stacking them vertically, you can provide each cat with their own secure and enjoyable space while preventing any conflicts between them.

Additionally, don’t forget to add elements that enhance the aesthetics of your catio.

Catnip Plants


It is well known that cats love catnip! Enhance your catio’s decor with potted catnip plants, bringing both greenery and a special treat for your cat to enjoy.

For a distinctive habitat, consider incorporating ornamental grasses and other foraged materials into the design. This unique touch will provide your cats with an outdoor space to explore and appreciate safely.

Ensure that the catio receives ample sunlight to create a comfortable environment. Feel free to customize your catio according to your preferences, making it a truly personalized space for your feline friends.

Cat Enclosure


For a creative and enjoyable way to let your cats explore the outdoors while ensuring their safety, consider constructing a spacious cat enclosure, or you can even buy one.

This type of enclosure typically features wire mesh walls on the top and sides, along with a wooden floor.


When planning, prioritize providing your cats with an outdoor experience while also keeping them protected. A large-sized cat enclosure may be precisely what they need to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Wire Mesh Catios


Embark on a simple and creative project by building a DIY catio, offering captivating views of birds, bugs, and nature.

Attach wire mesh or poles around an outdoor area to create a secure enclosure, ensuring the safety of your pet while they enjoy the outdoors.


This innovative solution allows your feline friend to have ample space for exploration, exercise, and play.

A Wheeled Cage


With this option, you will have the mobility factor with you. You can move the cat enclosure around as per need and your backyard space.

Make sure the wheel is of superior quality so that it can bear the weight of the cage.

To make it more entertaining for your kitties, add some interesting elements like dangling toys and scratching posts. Also, remember to secure this catio firmly when you are not using it as cats may try to escape.

Final thoughts

Catios are an excellent way to let your feline family members explore the great outdoors without any of the risks that come with it.

Not only do they provide a safe and secure environment, but they also give cats plenty of opportunities for play and exercise.

With so many creative designs to choose from, there’s sure to be a catio out there that you and your furry friends can enjoy!

So let your cats have some fun in the sun with a one-of-a-kind catio that will make them purr with delight!

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