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Moose are elegant animals since they are wild, rare, and have big antlers, that’s why many like them, it’s included to make movie characters based on moose. In this article, we’ve covered all famous moose names based on movies and included a funny one, so you can be inspired on how to name your moose. Then here is a list of some of our suggestions.

Famous Moose Names Inspired From Disney Movies

Source: theloop
Famous moose namesDisney Movies/Shows
AndaBrother Bear 2
KataBrother Bear 2
Old TimPB&J Otter
BalsamMorris, the Midget Moose
RuttBrother Bear
TukeBrother Bear
MelvinCountry Bear Jamboree
BuffCountry Bear Jamboree
MaxCountry Bear Jamboree
ThunderclapMorris, the Midget Moose
Peter MoosebridgeZootapia
MooselThe Wuzzles
UltimooseYin Yang Yo
MorrisMorris, the Midget Moose

Funny Moose Names

  • Moos-ical
  • Amoosing
  • Hypote-moose
  • Elk-oholic
  • Anony-moose
  • Chocolate Moose
  • Hypote-moose
  • Mr. Big Antlers
  • Moose Canon
  • Moosebumps

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