Zooming Through Alphabet Zoo: Animal Names That Start With Z

Welcome to the wild, wonderful world of animals starting with Z! From zebrafish and zebras this letter has a host of furry friends—and some scaly ones too!

Sure, there may be fewer creatures on the alphabetical list beginning with “Z”, but these special species have their own unique charms that make them stand out from the crowd.

Read on for an introduction to some of our favorite four-legged (or finned) friends that start with “Z”!

Hybrid Animal Names with Z

  • Zorse
  • Zonkey

Wild Animal Names with Z

  • Zebra
  • Zokor
  • Zebra Duiker
  • Zorilla
  • Zorro

Domestic Animal Names with Z

  • Zebu
  • Zuchon

Freshwater Animals Starting with Z

  • Zebra Mussels
  • Zebra Pleco
  • Zebrafish (Zebra Fish)
  • Zigzag Eel

Sea Creatures Starting with Z

  • Zebra Shark
  • Zebra Seahorse

Birds Starting with Z

  • Zebra Finch
  • Zapata Rail
  • Zapata Wren
  • Zigzag Heron
  • Zenaida Dove

Amphibians Starting with Z

  • Zhang’s horned toad

Reptiles Starting with Z

  • Zebra Snake
  • Zebra Spitting Cobra

Insects Starting with Z

  • Zebra Tarantula

Interesting Facts

Let’s start with the letter Z! Though it may be one of the last letters of the alphabet, animals that begin with Z certainly pack a punch. Here are five interesting facts about these creatures:

  • Zebra sharks (Stegostoma fasciatum) are found in the tropical waters of the Indo-Pacific region and feature a blueish skin patterned with bold stripes when they’re young, hence their common name. As adults, these sharks lose their stripes and transform into uniformly gray creatures.
  • Zebras are well known for their characteristic black and white striped coats, but did you know that each individual zebra has a unique stripe pattern? That’s right – no two zebras have exactly the same stripes!
  • The zonkey is an incredibly rare hybrid animal created from crossbreeding a zebra with a donkey! Though it may not be as common as other hybrid animals, the zonkey has its own unique personality and often displays characteristics of both parent species.
  • Zorse is a hybrid animal created by crossbreeding a horse with a zebra. This unique creature has the build of a horse and the stripes of a zebra, making it an incredibly interesting animal to behold.
  • Zorrilla, or the striped polecat, gets its name from its bold black and white stripes that are similar to those of a zebra. Found in parts of South America, these animals feature long whiskers and a skunk-like physique!

Animal Names with Z

There are a lot of interesting and fun names to give to an animal, starting with the letter Y! Here are a few mentioned below.

Male Animal Names with Z

  • Zack
  • Zachary
  • Zane
  • Zeke
  • Zeus.

Female Animal Names with Z

  • Zoe
  • Zara
  • Zelda
  • Zita
  • Zinnia

Though not all animals starting with the letter Z are well-known, those that do exist—like the zebrafish and the zonkey—are certainly unique and extraordinary.

While their extroverted personalities may be surprising, their strong presence in conservation efforts is even more so.

These unconventional creatures possess a level of tenacity that continues to astound us all, making them an inspiring example for other animals around the world!

You can also check out the complete list of animal names from A-Z to dive deep into the animal world.

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