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Llamas are ideal pets since they could be great companions, due to their intelligence, low temperament, well socialized and of course, friendly and pleasant to be around. Llama is also classified as a rare pet, so you won’t meet them anywhere. That’s why if you keep a llama as a pet it would be a great idea to name him/her with a famous name. In this article we’ve covered the famous llama names, hope you can be inspired to name your llama. 

Here are the famous llama names

Famous Llama namesReferences
Textilefrom their soft wool
CharminCharmin soft toilet paper
Bearfrom their soft hair
Teddyfrom their soft hair
PuffinThe Swan Princess
Cottonfrom their soft wool
Curlyfrom their curly wool
FrizzWorld of Warcraft
HarryHarry Potter
Wooliefrom their wool
StringerThe Wire
Cozyfrom their soft wool
Silkyfrom their silky wool
Moose MasonArchie Comics
SnugsA Midsummer Night’s Dream
CuddlesHappy Tree Friends
FifiBeauty and the Beast
Flannelsoft fabric like their wool
WookieStar Wars
ThimblePopular TV show
ChewbaccaStar Wars
Fluffybecause of their wool
DownyFabric conditioner
Furryfrom their fur

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