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Many people don’t consider llamas as a pet due to their need and size, but some people like to take llama as their pet. Llamas are friendly, calm, social, gentle, and easily trained, that’s what makes people love them. Besides they are good pets, Llama also can become a good guard for other animals like sheep or goats due to their natural behavior. If you have a llama as your pet, here we suggest you name your llama. In this article, you’ll find many ideas for llama names

Best Llama Names

llama names

Llamas are actually friendly and lovable animals and they’re obviously farm animals. So if you’re asking what are the best llama names then you’re lucky enough as we have a list of 120 llama names that is best for a pet llama. The list includes funny and cute llama names too!

Good Llama names


If you’re specifically looking for good llama names that is fit for either a boy or girl llama, then view our list of over 130 llama names to inspire you. Llamas are magical animals and are very calms so we have the best names to support that.

Famous Llama Names


There are famous llama characters in movies and TV shows, but we want to do something different and give suggestions on famous llama names inspired by pop culture.


What is a good name for a llama?

Barney, Odin, or Caleb would be a good llama name if you have a male llama. But if you have a female one, we suggest Skye, Rosette, or Olive

What is a funny name for a llama?

There are many funny names for a llama that also rhymes with the words like Llamonade, Llamacorn, or Lady Ma-Llama.

What is a good name for a white llama? 

Snow would be a perfect fit for a white llama name since it describes the color of his/her white fur, or you can choose Snoop, Jonah or Flossie.


Llamas are popular pets these days due to their being classified as rare pets. Also, it’s hard to find a reputable breeder for this animal. But if you have one, they could be a great pet since they can be tamed easily, and due to their intelligence, you only need a little repetition to teach them. It’s a great idea to keep a llama as your pet. 

Hopefully, this article helps you to find a perfect name for your cute and adorable llamas.

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