15 Goat Breeds That Make the Perfect Pet and Farm Friends!

Goat breeds come in all shapes and sizes, from the diminutive pygmy goat to the towering Boer Goat. No matter what breed you choose, one thing is certain: goats make great pets!

They’re friendly, intelligent animals that can form close bonds with their owners. Whether you’re looking for a companion animal or a source of milk and meat, there’s sure to be a breed of goat out there that suits your needs.

Before you get a goat for yourself, it is good if you ask basic questions about goat-keeping so that you can prepare accordingly.

With so many different goat breeds available, it can be hard to know where to start. To help narrow down your choices, here are some of the most popular breeds used for petting and farming today.

Popular Goat breeds For Farms

Goats are some of the best farm and pet friends you could have! Here’s a list of 10 goat breeds that make amazing companions:

1. Alpine Goats

Alpine goats are an incredibly hardy breed with strong muscles and sure footing, so they can easily climb rocks or traverse rough terrain with ease.

They’re also very friendly animals and make excellent pets; they enjoy interacting with people and don’t mind being handled.

Alpines produce high-protein, low-fat milk that is great for making cheese and other dairy products.

2. Nubian Goats

These goats are known for their gentle personalities and beautiful spotted coats. They’re also quite vocal, making them a great conversation partner while out in the barnyard.

Nubians produce sweet, high-fat milk that makes delicious cheese and yogurt.

3. Boer Goats

Boer goats originated in South Africa, but they’ve become popular around the world due to their hardiness and docile nature. Their thick hair coat helps keep them cool in hot climates.

4. Oberhasli Goats

Oberhaslis are fairly new to the goat world, having only been bred in the United States since the early 1900s.

They have beautiful markings that resemble deer and a laid-back disposition. Plus, their milk is high in butterfat content, making it particularly beloved by cheese makers!

5. Kiko Goats

These New Zealand goats are known for their hardiness, making them perfect for all types of terrain.

They’re also incredibly active and enjoy exploring new places, so they make great companions if you love to hike or camp with your pet.

6. Saanen Goats

These goats are well known for their long white coats and friendly dispositions. They’re also incredibly intelligent, so they love to explore new places and can even be trained to do tricks!

Saanen goats produce large amounts of milk with relatively low-fat content, making them an excellent choice for those seeking fresh milk on the farm.

7. LaMancha Goats

LaManchas have a distinct look due to their “gopher ears,” which makes them particularly endearing.

Their docile dispositions make them good pets, and their milk is very high in butterfat content and protein, making it excellent for cheesemaking.

8. Spanish Goats

Spanish goats were bred to survive in harsh climates and so they remain hardy animals, even today.

They’re also incredibly friendly and make great pets, plus their meat is especially flavorful due to the marbling of fat deposits within it.

9. Nigerian Dwarf Goats

These miniature goats are incredibly popular due to their small size, gentle disposition, and sweet personalities.

They produce lots of milk with a high butterfat content that’s great for cheese making. Plus, they look so cute running around the farm!

10. Pygmy Goats

These miniature goats are so much fun! They love to jump around and play, and they make amazing companions due to their gentle personalities.

Pygmies don’t produce a lot of milk, but they’re perfect for small farms and make great pets.

11. Fainting Goats

Fainting goats have a unique trait – when they’re startled or feel threatened, their legs stiffen and they fall over!

This isn’t harmful to them and it actually makes them more docile. Fainting goats make great pets due to their gentle nature, plus the spectacle of them falling over is always amusing!

12. Toggenburg Goats

With their friendly dispositions and beautiful coats, Toggenburgs are a favorite among pet owners.

They’re also excellent milk producers, with large amounts of high-fat content that’s great for making cheese and other dairy products.

13. Cashmere Goats

These goats are beloved for their luxurious coats of soft, cashmere wool.

Their docile personalities make them great companions and they produce a lot of milk with low-fat content that’s perfect for drinking.

14. Angora Goats


Angora goats are famous for their incredibly soft coats of wool, which can be spun into yarn and used to make garments or other textiles.

They’re also very friendly animals that make great pets; they’re always up for a good cuddle! Plus, angoras produce mohair, a difficult-to-spin type of wool that fetches high prices.

15. Savanna Goats

Another hardy breed, Savannas were bred to survive in extreme climates and harsh conditions.

They’re well-known for their large horns and friendly dispositions, and they make great pet companions as they’re always up for a cuddle.

Plus, they produce lots of milk with high butterfat content!


No matter what breed you choose, goats make an excellent addition to any farm or home.

Before you get a goat, research on the cost of owning a goat so that you are prepared accordingly.

They’re friendly, curious animals that love to explore their surroundings and interact with people.

Plus, depending on the breed, you can get all sorts of delicious dairy products from your goats. So if you’re looking for a new pet or a farm animal, look no further than one of these amazing goat breeds!

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