80+ God Inspired Cat Names For Your Majestic Cute Kitten


Cats are awesome, but naming them is tough. We all want to give our new kitty the perfect name, but where do you start?

Fear not! With these god cat names, your new feline will think they’re on top of the world. 

Pick one of these divine names for your cat today and let me know if it’s purrfect in the comments below!

Egyptian God Cat Names

Names Meanings
Met LionessShe is the Goddess of healing in Egyptian mythology
Hehet Goddess of immeasurable
Tauret Goddess of pregnant women
Bast A warrior cat Goddess
Selk Highest Goddess
Udajit Cobra Goddess
Nut Goddess of the sky
Niut Goddess of nothingness
Anukis patron deity of River
Keket Goddess of darkness
Bastet Egyptian Cat Goddess
Serq Supreme Goddess
Sekhmet Goddess of destruction
Auset Goddess of rebirth and magic
Hathor Destruction Goddess in Egyptian Mythology
Nebthet Goddess of nature
Isis Supreme Goddess
Naunet Goddess of the ocean
Renenet Goddess of fortune
Heket Frog head Goddess of Egyptian Mythology
Nekhbet Mythical vulture Goddess
Maat Goddess of justice
Mekal Fierce devourer
Menhit Goddess of war
Neith Divine mother

Greek God Cat Names

Names Meanings
Muse Nine muses in Greek mythology
Hestia Goddess of the hearth, architecture, and domestic life
Aphrodite Goddess of love, beauty, and fertility
Cybele Goddess of nature
Pheme Goddess of fame
Tethys Goddess of freshwater
Salamis Daughter of the Asopus, the River God
Heba Goddess of youth
Dione Titan Goddess of Oracle
Ate Goddess of mischief
Hera Goddess of women and marriage
Hermes Messenger of Gods
Medusa Goddess of philosophy, beauty, and art
Europa Wide
Demeter Goddess of vegetation
Pandora The first woman in Greek mythology
Dodona Goddess of the harvest
Rhea Goddess of fertility and mother of Titaness
Artemis Goddess of the hunt
Amalthea Soothe and soften
Gaia Mother of Titans, giants and the sea God
Athena Goddess of wisdom
Persephone Goddess of vegetation
Titania Queen of fairies
Alcmene Mortal princess
Nyx Goddess of the night

Norse God Cat Names

Names Meanings
Hiln Spirit Goddess
Meili The lovely one
Goddess of hunting
From the vineyard
Goddess of bees
Elli Stranger
Heidi Female
Goddess of the dead
Goddess of cats, love, war, fertility, and beauty
Bygul Honey
Another name for Freya
The first woman created by God
Chooser of the slain
Goddess of good luck
Kara Pure
Immortal Goddess
Goddess of youth
Nanna Earth Goddess
Trjegul Amber
Goddess of prophecy
Goddess of Love
Goddess of healing
Wife of storm God and a Goddess
Goddess of Thor

Mayan God Cat Names

Names Meanings
Ixtat-Ix Wise cats are served well when named after this goddess of thought and intellect
Chen She served as the goddess of maize and magic and as a councilor to the kings, making her name ideal for companion cats
Akna Meaning Our Mother, this name fits the nurturing cat
Ixik If you prefer a little irony, pick this goddess of water name for your cat
Ixchel Meaning Lady Rainbow,this name suits striped cats and those that flaunt different colors

Ancient Mesopotamian God Cat Names

Names Meanings
As a goddess of light, Aya works well as a name for a feline who is always joyful or light in color
They say cats can help you live longer, so name your healer after this goddess of healing
Cats that are out of this world can be named after this goddess who gave birth to the cosmos
Meaning the entirety of earth,this primordial goddess
For the cat who’s both feisty and loving, name her after this goddess of warfare and sexual love
If your cat gives you life, name her after this creator of humankind
If you’ve got a rare cat who loves water, name her after this personification of the sea

Cats are adorable creatures that deserve to be loved.

And what better way to show your love for cats than by giving them a name from one of these ancient cat names. You can choose if you haven’t found the perfect one from the list above!

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