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Happy Mew Year for Cats Day: What Special Can You Do?

Happy mew year for cats day

As everyone knows, cats celebrate each day as a special occasion. It isn’t easy to imagine how we could adore them any more in light of all the accolades and attention they receive! On the other hand, there is a day on which cat owners give their pets additional care. 

On January 2, we celebrate Cats Day with a Happy Mew Year. This day gives us an excuse to give our furry friends a bit extra catnip and offers kitties that need a fresh start.

What is Happy Mew Year for Cats?

Happy mew year for cats

A creative way to say “Happy New Year” is to mix it with a cat’s meow, creating “Happy Mew Year.” It’s a common way to wish cats or cat lovers a good new year. Naturally, cats don’t celebrate the new year, but the expression is a cute way for people to involve their furry companions in the occasion.

In 2016, the term became more than just a way to celebrate something. Although there isn’t much of a following for this holiday, some cat owners do choose to spend the day spoiling their furry friends. Since there is no set celebration, it largely depends on how you wish to spend this day.

How is Happy Mew Year for Cats Celebrated?

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This isn’t an official holiday, and there aren’t many big parties to celebrate it. It’s more of an occasion to celebrate with your feline at home. Naturally, this does not exclude you from going all out if that is not your preference.

It’s a terrific idea to give your cat extra attention on this holiday. On January 2, think about your cat’s preferences and try to find some additional time to show them some affection. If your cat enjoys catnip, for example, provide them with DIY cat toys. Think about getting a new climbing tree for your cat if the current one wears out.

Safety First

Make sure cleaning supplies and choking hazards, such as rubber bands, are kept behind cat-proof doors. Additionally, make sure you haven’t missed any potential issues, like loose electrical wires or poisonous houseplants, by doing a brief house inspection. Examine your cat’s furniture and toys as well. Are they still intact, with no stray pieces that could be ingested or fraying? Do you need to wash your cat’s favourite blanket or replace those worn-out scratching posts? Does the cat tree still have all of its parts firmly fastened together?

Fun And Treats

New Year’s is the ideal occasion to shower your feline friends with extra love and attention. Consider introducing a new toy, extending play or snuggle sessions, or indulging them with a few extra treats. Get creative by crafting an elaborate play space using cardboard boxes—just ensure all openings are safe, and tape everything securely. For tech-savvy cats, explore online videos featuring birds and squirrels to entertain them, provided your cat won’t swat at screens. Remember shelter kitties too; kickstart their year with joy by making a donation of food, toys, or your own cat’s favourite treats.

Healthy Habits

Prioritizing preventive medicine is paramount for the well-being of our pets, mirroring its importance in human health. Schedule annual check-ups to stay current on vaccinations and detect potential issues early on. Take a moment to scrutinize your cat, noting any unexplained changes in weight, coat, ears, eyes, or behaviour, as these may indicate underlying health concerns requiring prompt veterinary attention. Don’t overlook dental health—book an appointment at Pet Hospitals for professional teeth cleaning, ensuring your cat’s overall health and happiness.

Cuddle Time

Our pets form deep bonds with us, and sometimes the most valuable gift we can offer our cats is the gift of our time. Whether it’s a cosy cuddle on the couch or an engaging play session with a wand toy, the time spent interacting strengthens the bond between you and your kitty.

Beyond benefiting your feline friend, these moments of connection also contribute to your own mental health and well-being. What better way to kick off the new year than by mutually caring for each other’s needs, fostering a relationship that brings joy and fulfilment to both you and your beloved pet?

The possibilities are practically endless!

Decoding Possible Celebrations for Happy Mew Year’s Day

Happy mew day celebrations

National Pet Travel Safety Day on January 2 often goes unnoticed in terms of widespread big celebrations. Coming right after the holiday season, it might be overshadowed by other festivities. While many cat holidays gain more attention, the lack of major celebrations for this particular day doesn’t diminish its importance.

If you’re a cat enthusiast, there’s a unique opportunity to create your own celebration on January 2. Consider organizing a special event or pampering your feline friends with a cat fountain in a way that highlights the significance of safe and enjoyable travels for pets. It’s a chance to bring attention to a meaningful cause and make the day memorable for both you and your cats.

Instead, a lot of individuals decide to visit a shelter or celebrate at home with their own cat.

Having said that, it’s possible that cat-specific groups may be holding events and sales on this day. For example, certain shelters might host activities aimed at increasing the success of cat adoptions. Look around to see whether any of these festivities are taking place in your neighbourhood.

Final Thoughts

Happy Mew Year for Cats is a day to honour and celebrate our furry friends. It’s an occasion to acknowledge the unique position they have in our hearts. Their antics and peculiar behaviour make us laugh. They cuddle and purr to make us feel better. We are better people now that we have allowed these incredible animals into our household. Honouring their commitment to our welfare is the purpose of this festival.


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