60+ Best Heavenly Cat Names With Meanings For Your Cute Kitten


If you have a cat at home, then you know that naming them is no easy task.

You want to pick a name that suits your furry friend and something they won’t grow out of in the next few years.

If you’re still stumped on what to call your pet, we’ve got some suggestions for heavenly cat names!

Female Heavenly Cat Names

Names Origins Meanings
Farishta Arabic Angel
Angelene Greek
Messenger of God
Yael Hebrew To be blessed
Auriel Latin Golden
Tangie American Angelic
Lirisha Indian Beautiful angel
Abhinoor Indian Angel
Divine Hebrew Beloved
Uriella Hebrew God’s light
Aalyssa Hebrew and German Sweet angel
Tien Vietnamese Fairy
Dalili Swahili Sign from Gods
Aya Japanese Angel
Agnola Italian Angel
Annchi Chinese Peace and angel
Luz Spanish Light
Evangelina Greek Good news
Devika Sanskrit Like an angel
Angeni Native American Spirit angel
Erela Hebrew Origin Angel
Ariel Hebrew Lion of God
Malaika Swahili and Arabic
Angel or small child
Jannah Arabic heaven
Tuyen Vietnamese Ray
Fenal Arabic Angel of beauty

Male Heavenly Cat Names

Names Origins Meanings
Malak Arabic Angel
Raphael Hebrew and French God has healed
Haniel Hebrew Gift of God
Dangelo Italian
Angel messenger
Ingel German Angel
Agnolo Italian Angel
Uriel Hebrew Angel of light
Riyon Indian
Beauty of heaven
Englebert German Bright angel
Kemuel Hebrew Helper of god
Raziel Hebrew
Angel of mysteries
Agelos Greek Messenger
Michael Hebrew Who is like God
Berty German Angel bright
Jibril Arabic
Archangel Gabriel
Imamu Swahili Spiritual leader
Abaddon Hebrew
Ruler of evil spirits
Zerachiel Hebrew Angel of healing
Angelito Spanish Little angel
Engel Dutch Angel
Javan Hebrew Guardian angel

Unisex And Gender Neutral Heavenly Cat Names

Names Origins Meanings
Angel Greek
Messenger of God
Elin Welsh Angel
Seraphim Hebrew Angel
Cael Irish Gaelic
Angel of the Zodiac sign Cancer
Homiya Unknown Angel
Agnello Greek Angel
Laiba Arabic
Pretty angel of heaven
Anna Hebrew, Old Greek Grace
Noor Arabic Light
Ambarish Indian
Angel from heavens or sky
Rajju Indian
Angel of softness
Parya Unknown Angel
Jassi Persian Special angel
Tamera Hebrew Beloved angel

Now, what are you waiting for? Get your paws on this list of heavenly cat names and start picking out the perfect moniker.

If you are looking for more cat name ideas, we still have angelic cat names to inspire you.

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