Best Name Articles For A Chipmunk – With Baby Chipmunk Names


Chipmunks are cute and adorable small animals that like to eat nuts, berries, or seeds. This cute rodent chirps like a bird to communicate with others. Though they take time to socialize, they love to play and enjoy other chipmunks as a company. But you should be aware that this adorable creature is easily scared and can bite if they feel threatened. Having a chipmunk as a pet would be a great idea, but to give him/her a proper name wouldn’t be easy as it seems. In this article, we’ve covered all the best chipmunk names for you.

Boy & Girl Chipmunk Names

No matter if your pet chipmunk is a boy or girl, we got you covered with boy chipmunk names and girl chipmunk names for these cute animals.

Baby Chipmunk Names


Did you know that baby chipmunks need at least 15 hours of sleep per day? Baby chipmunks, also known as kits or pups are born blind and hairless. Pups develop quickly, though, and leave the nest by 4 to 6 weeks of age.

Great Chipmunk Names

chipmunk names

Most people love to have a chipmunk as a pet due to its cuteness. This adorable creature would become a lovely pet in your house. Taming your pet chipmunk would take patience, gentle handling because they are still considered “ semi-wild” animals. Calling them with a name would be the first step to train them. So, if you are looking for great chipmunk names, here are some chipmunk name ideas for you. 


What is a good name for a chipmunk?

Peanut would be a good choice for a male chipmunk since they like peanuts so much. We also like Chubby, Cashew, or Rocky.

What is a funny name for a chipmunk?

Puff Cheeks would be a fun one because they have cute cheeks. Or you also can choose Winky Nutmuffin, Mulberry, or Alec Chipper.

What are famous chipmunk names? 

There are many famous chipmunk names inspired by the movie “ Alvin and the Chipmunks” like Alvin, Simon, or Theodore.


Having a chipmunk as a pet would be a good idea, but you should be patient enough to train them due to their “ semi-wild” instincts. Giving a proper name would be a first step to teach and tame them so they could respond to your calling. Hopefully this article will help you to find a perfect name for your cute and adorable chipmunks.

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