Top Name Articles For A Panther – Best Ways To Name A Black Panther


Panther is a large member of the big cat family, known for their elusive and powerful animal, that’s why they are considered dangerous animals. Panthers are incredibly intelligent and agile animals and tend to be dark brown to black in color, which makes them a fearsome predator especially during nighttime due to their camouflage with their dark fur. Though panthers are not considered as a good pet, even illegal to keep them as pets, we’ve covered all the best panther names in this article. 

Best Panther Names

panther names

Panther is not only fast enough when running, but they also are incredible climbers. That’s why you may find them on the trees resting, or watching for their prey without being spotted. Their agility and aggressive behavior make the other animal scared that might end up becoming their prey. If you have a black cat that looks like a panther, you can name them with the panther names.

Famous Panther Names


When we say panther, we can’t count out the “Black Panther”! There are actually a lot of famous panther names from books, songs, and even movies. So we’ve compiled a list of over 70 famous names for a panther that will inspire you also when naming a pet.

Cool Male And Female Panther Names


Now panthers are considered one of the toughest and most feared predators. Their population is small and they mostly hunt at night since it adds to their advantage of having dark or black fur. They sound dangerous but are quite cool so we have prepared a list of 100+ cool panther names for both males and females.


What is a good name for a panther? 

We found phantom would be a perfect name for a panther due to their unnoticed presence during hunting. We also like Hunter or Hades.

What is a famous name for a panther?

There are many famous panther names like Shira, Jasper, or Zeke that are inspired by movies, also T’Challa would be perfect if you are a marvel fan.

What is a cool name for a panther?

Macho would be a cool name for a male panther and Sheba for a female. We also like Arnie, Clark and Tara or Zara.


Though panthers are a large member of the cat family, only jaguars and leopards are considered to be true panthers by science. Even so, they are wild animals you can’t keep as a pet due to their wilderness, elusiveness and aggressiveness. If you dare to keep them as a pet, rather than become their owner, you would end up becoming their prey. 

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