40+ Names Meaning ‘Panther’: The Best Names for Your Fierce Animal

Looking for the perfect name for your fierce animal? Look no further!

Here is a list of names that mean “panther.” These names are perfect for your new tough pet who needs a powerful name.

Choose one of these names to unleash the power of the panther!

names that mean panther

Here are the best panther names that mean ‘panther’ that include both male and female names.

Boy Names That Mean Panther

Boy Names That Mean Panther
Long Strides, Panther Strides
Panther, Leopard, Lynx, Hedgehog
Powerful in the Law, Good Worship, Boar Battle, Law-powerful, Panther, Lynx, Successful, Triumph
Star, Saved the Jews from Annihilation in Persia, Myrtle Leaf, Form of Persian Esther, Panther, Lynx
Tiger, Leopard, Panther, Pure
Fahid Panther
Laborc Brave Panther
Leopard, Tiger, Panther, Pure
Leopard, Irreparable, Panther, Pure
Palank Panther
Nabibi Panther
Irreparable, Pure, Proud, Tiger
Pantheras Panther
Panther, Baby Tiger
Fahad Lynx, Panther

Girl Names That Mean Panther

Girl Names That Mean Panther
Fehed Panther
Another form of Panther
Parda Panther
A deriative of Panther, Panther
Another deriative of Panther, Panther
A deriative of Panther, Panther

Panther in Other Languages

Panther in other languages
Pyobeom Korean
Pantera Albanian
Ciruttai Tamil
Piling Kurdish
Panideri Amharic
Pansa Japanese
Con Beo Vietnamese
Seuxda Thai
Harimau Indonesian
Tendua Hindi
Seu Dam Lao
Parduc Hungarian
Kyar Naat Burmese
Alnamir Arabic
Dipado Gujarati
Khlarken Khmer
Bao Chinese

These are some names that mean panther!

We’ve just looked at some of the best ones, but if you want to find more than 40 options for your little one, check out our list of famous panther names.

Did we miss any? If there is a name meaning panther that isn’t on this list and should be included, please let us know in the comments below.

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