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Parrots are one of the intelligent birds that have a beautiful sound that you teach how to sing. They learn how to sing or speak simply by imitating their owner and also have beautiful feathers. Some of them have a vivid color, and the others have a multicolor. They are such a beautiful and cute pet that we recommend to have. If you already have one, do not name him/her with such a bad name. In this article, you’ll find many pet parrot names that hopefully inspire you to name your beautiful pet parrot. 

Top Popular Parrot Names


Now there are over 300 species of parrots and most of them originating from tropical areas. No wonder we always see parrots in jungles and trees whenever we watch movies. Giving the birds the best parrot name is important, so whether they are male or female, we have a list of 500 (yes, 500!) best parrot names for both male and female parrots.

Top Male Parrot Names


We also have a specific list of male parrot names if you know that you’ve got a male parrot. Some say they get aggressive and bite, but we can never ignore their beautiful colors. And at the end, it’s all about the training. So check out the top male parrot names for these cool birds!

Top Green Parrot Names


Most parrots can either come in green, red, or blue color. Green is such a vivid color so we came up with a list of green parrot names to help you choose one. And yes, we can say the names are somewhat related to the color “green”.

Top Pirate Parrot Names


‘Arghhhhhh’ says the captain of the ship! Or maybe it’s a parrot companion sitting on one of his shoulders. Parrots are known to imitate their parent and can speak the exact words out. How cool is that? People also like to search for pirate parrot names, so you covered with some famous pirate parrot names.


What is a cute name for a parrot?

There are several cute names for your parrot like Sammy or Paulie. Also, we like Chirpie since they chirps or Melody since they have a beautiful sound.

What is a funny name for a parrot?

Sinatra, DJ, or J- Lo would be a funny one because they have a beautiful sound. Or you can pick a funny parrot name like Copycat since they love to imitate you. 

What are famous parrot names?

Carla, Blu, Bia and Tiago are famous parrot names inspired by the cartoon movie “Rio“, also you can choose Charlie from “Winston Churchill” or Petey from “Dumb and Dumber ”.


Parrots are great animals to become a pet. Though they have wild instincts and tend to bite when they are mature, if you take them at an early age you can teach them many things. Also, they have beautiful feathers and sounds that can imitate what you said. They are also smart and intelligent animals and often affectionate. So if you have a pet parrot, you can tr your our parrot name generator to pick the best name for either male or female.

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