Top Penguin Name Articles – Best Ways In Naming A Penguin


Penguins are cute and adorable creatures, no wonder many people enjoy having an exotic animal like a penguin be their pet. But in some countries, there are rules and regulations from the government regarding keeping exotic animals. Penguins are social animals, they are living in groups and can’t live alone. So, If you still want to keep penguins as your pet, you need to get many of them. But don’t worry, in this article we’ve covered many penguin names from the good name ideas, funny, cute, even the famous names. 

Best Penguin Names


If you’re looking for the best penguin names, then you’ve come to the right place. In this list of over 240 penguin names, we have included names that are cute, funny, and famous for a penguin. Names like Flipper, Ice Cream, or Igloo really fits a pet penguin so we hope this list inspires you.

Famous Penguin Names From Movies


Animated movies like Madagascar, Surf Up, and Happy Feet have showcased cute penguins and their flappy feet. Who would’ve thought that penguins can be talented in these movies and many movie producers love to involve them in such projects. So yes, we have created a list of over 20 famous penguin names from movies that you may not know of.

Funny Penguin Names


Some people may agree about how funny a penguin moves which makes them hilarious birds. We can’t help but create a list of over 50 funny penguin names that people have been looking for.

Cute Penguin Names


If we have funny names, then we can’t count out cute penguin names too. Whether you’re looking for a cute name for a male, female, or baby penguin, we got all of them in this list of over 90 cute penguin names that will make you giggle.


What is a good name for a penguin?

Frosty, Frost, or Icy would be a good name for a penguin since they describe their habitat in cold temperatures. Or you can choose Flipper for a male or Bianca for a female.

What are the famous penguin names? 

There are many famous penguin names if you are looking for it since there are many penguin characters that appear in cartoon movies such as Skipper, Kowalski,  Rico, etc. 

What is a funny name for a penguin?

Bowtie or Tux would be funny ones since they would look adorable when wearing a tuxedo and bow tie. Or Fluffymooch is also a funny name for a penguin.


Penguins are cute and adorable animals and most people love them. We also have a Penguin Name Generator to help you create the best penguin name possible. But taking a penguin as a pet is not a good idea, since you have to prepare a huge saltwater pool and keep the temperature around 30-40 degrees F for their living place. They are also social animals, so if you can’t take only one penguin but you have to take care of at least 20 of them.

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