Best Ways To Name A Pet Snail – Good, Funny, & Famous Snail Names


Snails are small and cute animals that you can find all over the world. Though they are relatively small in size, there are some snails that reach 12 inches. Some people might see snails as delicious food to eat especially in France, Portugal, and Spain, but for some people find snails are beautiful, cute little animals that should become a pet. In this article, we have prepared for you a list of snail names ideas that can inspire you to name your pet snail.

Best Snail Names

best snail names

Now if you’re looking for the best snail names, we got you covered. Snails are generally small so we have a list of cute snail names and funny snail names that are snail-larious!

Famous Snail Names


When looking for snail names, we’ll always search for the most famous ones. If you’re taking care of a snail, you could name it Loki or even Thor. So here are over 50 famous snail names to inspire you in naming a snail.


What is a good name for a snail?

You can find many good names for a snail like Ariel, Billy, or Julio for a male snail, but if you have a female one, a name like Laura, Luna or Fiona would be perfect.

What is a cute name for a snail?

Slimey would be a good cute snail name since it describes their slick body. But you can also choose a name such as Felix, Sey or Dave. 

What are funny snail names?

Turbo, Jet, or Rocket would be funny snail names because it’s the opposite of the snails which walk very slow.  Or you can use another like Ninja, Racer, or Nitro.


Though many people don’t like snails and only see them as delicious food, for some reasons snails help gardeners and farmers in an attempt to reduce damage to valuable plants. In traditional farming, snails are known as biological pest control agents.

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