300+ Israeli Cat Names – Best And Popular Hebrew Cat Name Ideas


Israeli cat names can be very diverse. Some of the names for Israeli cats include Aliza, Ella, Goldie, Haim or Shlomo.

These are just a few examples of their favorite cat names. Whilst some are named after the country, others have been named after historical figures and also famous people read further to find out more about Israeli cat name ideas

Male Israeli Cat Names

Male Israeli Cat Name Meanings
Jerad Descending
Doren Gift Gift
Gian Gift from God
Evacska Life Life
Etilka Noble
Ike Variant of Isaac Laughter.
Azrael God is my help
Gabor God is my strength
Ron Song
EIlis Jehovah is God
Amram Rising nation
Lavan White White
Ian Gift from God
Avniel Father or strong
Thaddeus Wise
Ezekiel God strengthens
Zachely Remembered by God
Gavrila God gives strength
Amiram Lofty people
Taneli Judged by God
Ari Lion of God
Eliot Jehovah is God
Bela Destruction
Tzion Sunny mountain
Akim God will establish
Ephraim Fruitful
Gil Happiness
Matai Gift from God
Jess Variant of Jesse Jehovah exists.
Jed Beloved by God
Jonas Gift from God
Jake Supplanter
Ariel Lioness of God
Jarid He descends
Gurion My lion cub
Jordell Variant of Jordan down flowing
Lazzaro God will help
Carmi Vine dresser
Amichai My parents are alive
Aviv Young
Ariela Lioness of God
Zacharias Variant of Vechariah Jehovah has remembered
Hans Gift from God
Gedaliah God has made great
Aleeyah The asender
Havalah Life
David Dearly loved
Benson Son of Benjamin
Matthew Gift of Jehovah
Lapidoth Torch
Iov God will estahlish
Asa Healer
Esdras Help
Jaira Feminine of Jairus
Lemuel Dedicated to God
Jopie God will multiply
Jamie Supplanter
Izreal Ruling with the Lord
Caleb Bold
Azarious God helps
Elishama God hears
Boas Swift
Ionnes Gift from God
Tohy Goodness of God
Avraham Father of a multitude
Eunice Good Victory
Amita Truth
Chaim Life
Armen High place
Elan Tree
Ezra Helper
Hananel God is gracious
Gabriele God is my strength
Dov Bear
Illias Jehovah is God
Jeremie Exalted of the Lord
Avidor Father of a multitude
Jedediah Variant of Jedidiah Beloved of Jehovah
Matthias Gift from God
Asaph Gathers
Herschel Deer
Chaviv Dearly loved
Jerrah Jehovah has seen
Yonah Dove
Harrell Mountain of God
Itai Friendly
Amnon Faithful
Deron Eree
Avshalom Father of peace
Josiah Jehovah has healed
Davey Dearly loved
Japheth May He grant ample room
Enoch Trained and dedicated. In the bible Enoch was father of Methuselah: the oldest living man named in the Bible.
Etan Strong
Aksel Father of peace
Jedidiah Beloved of Jehovah
Habib Dearly loved
Jakome Supplanter
Jeremiah Exalted of the Lord
Efrem Doubly fruitful
Ammi My people
Alvah Exalted one: Sublime
Arlen Pledge
Jessie Wealthy: Variant of Jesse Jehovah exists.
Danel God will judge
Dor A home
Seosamh God will multiply
Armon High place
Giovanni Gift from God
Bartel Ploughman
Hayyim Life
Amir Proclaimed
Gersham Exiled
Jannes Gift from God
Avivi Innocent Springtime
Dar Pearl
Jimmy Supplanter
Ivan Gift from God
Daniel God is my Judge
Hadar Glory
Hyman Life
Nathan Gift from God
Yitzchak Humorous
Isaakios Child of laughter
Jett Excellence, abundance, riches
Akiva Replaces
Nate Given
Jankia Gift from God
Lewi United
Elijah Jehovah is God
Barrak Flash of lightning
Jacob Supplanter
Jordan Flowing down
Gamaliel God’s reward
Giannes Gift from God

Female Israeli Cat Names

Female Israeli Cat Name Meanings
Natania Gift of God
Zahavah Golden
Geela Eternal joy
Judged and vindicated
Guiseppie He shall add
Batya Daughter of God
Anne Prayer
Azelie Flower
Variant of Lisa, Lise, Lisetta: A familiar form of Elisabeth: Consecrated to God
Ann Prayer
Darrah Wise
Temira Tall
Bethseda Merciful
Gilia Eternal joy
Azalea Flower
Axella Peace
Gisa Cut stone
Danelle God is my judge
Rimona Pomegranate
Carmen Guard
Mara Bitter
Anniah Gracious God
Jezebel Impure
Amariah Given by God
Schlomit Tranquil
God shall redeem
Grazyna Grace
Jaffa Beauty
Maribel Bitter
Ayala Doe
Janis Gift from God
Life. Living one. Variant of Eve. In the bible Eve was Adam’s wife and the first woman.
Sacrifice. Abraham’s second wife in the bible.
Ceremonial grain
Anita Grace
Daliyah Tree branch
Ranon Joyful
Amarissa Given by God
Davina Cherished
Janet Gift from God
Rinna Joyous song
Alumit Girl
Rebecca Captivating
God is among us
Tomasina Twin
Joanna Gift from God
Daphna Victory
Semira From heaven
Anny Prayer
Emmanuelle Faith
Nanna Grace
Desired or Languishing
Avenged Judged and vindicated
Akiha Protected
Divshah Honey
Ester Star
Bitya Daughter of God
Josetta God will add
Evie Living one
Dust. Biblical place name
Anushka Favored one
Jonati Dove
Anna Grace
Kiva Protected
Aniki Grace
Gilat Eternal joy
Davite Cherished
Bettine Devoted to God
Edan Perfect
Ellice Jehovah is God
Elia Jehovah is God
Jensine God has blessed
Ganet Garden
Jaquenette Supplanter
Chasye Shelter
Amaris Given by God
Maren Bitter
Genisa Origin: birth
Edra Powerful
Martha Bitter
Ailsa Devoted to God
Variant of Jordan
Chabah Life
Josee God will add
Isabel Devoted to God
Atarah Crowned
Carmeline Golden
Ewa Life
Gali Fountain
Els Devoted to God
Aneta Grace
Hanne Grace
Seraphina Burning fire
Yosebe God will multiply
Erzsebet Devoted to God
Beruriah Selected by God
Grace or devoted to God
Avenged or Judged and vindicated. In the bible Dinah was Jacob’s only daughter.
Ivanna Gift from God
Anata A singer
Kinnette Harp
Marlene From the tower
Hagar Flight
Atalia God is great
Aya Bird
Debrah Bee
Atera Pray
Eliane Jehovah is God
Belonging to God
Darissa Wise
Guiditta Praise
Cassia: sweet-scented spice. Keziah was one of Job’s three fair daughters in the bible
Devoria Bee
Feminine of Alvin wise friend
Hannah Favor, grace
Keran Horn
Gilah Eternal joy
Zamora Praised
Living one ,variant of Eve
Tsifira Crown
God shall redeem
Brachah Blessed
Cochava Star
Betheli House of God
Variant of Bethany, a village near Jerusalem where Jesus visited Mary
Anka Grace
Chava Life
Jael Goat
God has promised (derived from Amaris
Desired, languishing
She is my delight
Chayka Life
Lailie Nightfall
Ashira Wealthy
Carmela Golden

Israeli Cat Names Inspired By Celebrities

  • Furnie Sanders
  • Adam Catler
  • Paw Rudd
  • Golda Meowier
  • Paw Simon
  • Pawla Abdul
  • Harvey Catiel
  • Ruth Bader Ginspurr
  • Mandy Pawtinkin
  • Gina Furshon
  • The Marvelous Mrs. Meowsel
  • Garfunkle
  • George Catstanza
  • Noam Clawmsky
  • Goldblum
  • Pawbra Streisand
  • Cat Efron
  • Goldie Pawn
  • Jake or Maggie Gyllenpaw
  • Irving Purrlin

Israeli Cat Names Inspired By Foods

  • Cholent
  • Latke
  • Zingerman
  • Challah
  • Bialy
  • Bagel
  • Greenblatt
  • Rugelach
  • Cantor
  • Pickle
  • Kibbeh
  • Kugel
  • Hummus
  • Babka
  • Schmaltz
  • Pastrami
  • Deli
  • Brisket
  • Matzo Ball
  • Falafel
  • Hamantaschen
  • Schmear
  • Katz
  • Lox
  • Knish
  • Blinz
  • Langer
  • Sufganiyot
  • Shakshuka
  • Gefilte

If you still doubt whether those name lists above are fit for your kitten, we still have lots of ideas on foreign cat names and there are actually lots of interesting ones that are quite cool and unique.

These names might not be as popular as other regular names but surely they can make your kitten stand out from others in a really good way with its unique name.

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