100+ Kawaii Cat Names – Best Cat Name Ideas For Your Cute Kitten


In kawaii culture, it’s very common to use kawaii kitty kat names inspired by Japanese manga and anime.

Many people love kawaii culture, and if you’re going to get a kawaii cat name for your kawaii kitty kat of kawaii then you’ve come to the right place!

Below is a list of kawaii cat names that include several examples of different kitty kat names that would be considered kawaii kitty kat names!

Kawaii Male Cat Names

Names Meanings
Nobu Faith
Matsui Pine
Daisuke Great helper
Ichiro First son
Makoto TRUE
Suzuki Bell tree
Katsura Victorious
Koko Short
Yoshi Respectful
Judo Fighter
Kohana Little flower
Isao Honor/merit
Kiyoshi Quiet
Kameko Longevity
Kabuki Japanese dance
Taiki Large
Mercenary agent
Akihiro Big glory
Hoshi Star
Ayami Iris
Isamu Courage
Daiki Great glory
Hisoka Reserved
Nintendo Luck to heaven
Samurai Military nobility
Hotaru Firefly
Jun Obedient
Kin Gold
Jiro Second son
Masaaki True brightness
Kioko Happy
Kei Blessed
Gets what he wants
Dai Great
Kioshi Pure
Mitsuo Shining man
Norio Man of love
Honcho Leader
Bento Boxed lunch
Ken Strong
Akihiko Bright prince
Sho To fly
Hiro Generous
Toshi Mirror image
Nao Docile
Ryu Dragon
Koto Japanese harp
Taka Tall
Sumo Wrestler
Maeko Honest

Kawaii Female Cat Names

Names Meanings
Aimi Lovely beauty
Chie Wisdom
Nori Percept
Amaya Night rain
Sakura Cherry blossom
Natsu Summer born
Akina Autumn greens
Kioko Happy
Sayuri Lily
Ryoko Bright
Haruki Spring time tree
Hotaru Firefly
Saki Blossom
Hideko Splendid child
Sora Sky
Yoshie Beautiful river
Aya Colorful design
Asa Born at dawn
Aiko Love child
Cho Butterfly
Naoko Esteemed
Koko Short
Scattered flowers
Middle of the ocean
Kabuki Japanese dance
Ginkgo A shady tree
Rei Spirit
Midori Green
Hoshi Star
Ayaka Colorful flower
Asami Morning beauty
Masako Elegant
Eiko An eternal child
Kohana Little flower
Beautiful princess
Nami Wave
Yoko Sunny
Beautiful blessing
Kameko Longevity
Kei Blessed
Haiku Japanese poetry
Suki Beloved
Kiyoshi Quiet
Noriko Thunder
Hikari Radiance
Mai Brightness
Umeko Plum blossom
Reiko Courteous
Eri Blessed gift
Abundant beauty

If you’re looking for a new kawaii cat name, we’ve got the perfect list of Japanese cat names to choose from.

It’s important that your pet has a fitting and unique moniker so they can feel like their own little person!

Whether it be because you want them to sound more exotic or just cute as can be, these names will suit any feline friend.

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