150+ Best Military Cat Names – Names For Cats Inspired By The Military

For those from the military, you know that your feline friend is always there for you.

They help to keep the rats away and they provide a sense of comfort when we’re away from home.

When it comes time to name a cat, we might feel stumped.

We want something that will fit their personality and be easy for them to answer to in case they get lost or separated from us somehow.

There are many military names out there but here’s a list of over 150 military cat names – some popular, some not so much!

military cat names

Male Military Cat Names

Sailor One who serves in the navy or works on a ship.
Harold Army commander.
Skipper Master of a ship.
Brian strong
Roger famous spearman, quiet
Mike Hebrew
Andrew manly, valiant, courageous
Tyr Viking mythology: the god of war
Dodger One that dodges or evades
Gus From Gustave – Staff of the Goths
Bolivar Also Known As Long Leggedy Beasty
Jonathan God gives
Tariq means “Morning star”
Ransom son of the shield; redeemer
Gunner bold warrior
Chips A thin fried potato chip.
Achilles without lips, brown, dark
Hunter One who searches for something
Romeo pilgrim to Rome
Gunther bold warrior
Jet Aircraft engine that propels an aircraft forward 
Trooper A state or mounted police officer
Robert 14th-century King Robert the Bruce
Colonel Army, Air Force or Marine officer ranked above Lieutenant
Chase hunter, To follow or go in pursuit
Emrys Eternal
Kane tribute, warrior
Tank A heavily armed combat vehicle
Volker People’s guard
Miles of smiles
Maverick One that dissents from the group.
Bruce thicket, woodlands
Bradley broad meadow
Charlie a man: variant of Carl.
Lex Protector Of Mankind
John God is merciful
Benson Son of Benjamin, Ben’s son, excellent son
Hudson Hugh’s son
Neo from The Matrix movies
Armani Brand of men’s clothing
Irwin boar friend
Lima Mythical Goddess Of The Threshold
Donovan dark
Oz strength
James To fill the place of another, supplanter.
Walter Powerful ruler
Chinook A moist, warm wind experienced on the Pacific Northwest coast of the USA.
Henry ruler of the home
Sergeant to serve
Echo Repetition of a sound caused by the reflection of sound waves
Male Military Cat Names
Bullet A metal cylinder shot from a rifle or gun
Wyatt English name meaning brave in war
Freedom Freedom, Liberty
Nicholas victorious people
Moustache Hair or bristles on upper lip
Derek from the ’70s rock group Derek and the Dominoes
Ronin Samurai without a master
Jason the Lord is salvation
Sherman wool cutter
Oliver The biblical olive tree symbolizes fruitfulness and beauty and dignity
Marshall Man who looks after a nobleman’s estate
Jag The Universe
Ross from the TV sitcom Friends
Rocket To move swiftly and powerfully
Audie Noble Strength
Tracker One who follows the tracks or marks of another
Hopper hop grower or seller
Lava Moulton Earth
Bomber One who sets off bombs
Vincent Conquering.
Flint born near outcrop of flint
Samuel his name is God
Jett Jet Black Gem
Barclay birch meadow
Donald ruler of the world, brown stranger
George the knight who became patron saint of England
Austin From Augustine – Exalted one
Paul small
Max Large spring
Hale hero; army ruler
Rip ripe, full grown
Oscar God’s spear.
Sheridan The Wild Man
Dwight fair, fair one
Sam to hear
Captain One who commands or leads others
Perry French form of Peter
Max Large spring
Gunnar bold warrior
Patton fighter’s town
Victor Victor
Hannibal grace of Baal, god of fertility and fortune
Chad Defence
Busby shrub farm
Balder The God of light in Viking mythlogy
William resolute protection
Francis Frenchman or free man
Whiskey An alcoholic liquor distilled from grain
Cola Carbonated soft drink
Scout One dispatched from main body to gather information

Female Military Cat Names

Alpha First Born
Charity Affection, Charity, Brotherly Love
Maggie Abbreviation of Margaret. A pearl.
Liberty Free
Lydia woman from Persia, beauty
Juliet youthful
Riley courageous
Sierra Dark Feminine of Ciaran.
India Of India
Leigh meadow
Mary bitter
Monica advisor
Marina sea maiden
Margaret after Margaret Thatcher
Deborah a bee, to speak kind words
Cadence rhythm, beat
Judy woman from Judea
Grace after Grace Kelly
Savannah From the open plain
Justice Just, Fairness
Nancy full of grace
Jackie supplanter
Martha a lady
Campbell beautiful field
Betty Devoted to God
Delta Mouth Of A River
Heidi Female
Barbara foreign, strange, exotic, mysterious
Annie Prayer
Elizabeth Elizabeth was mother of John the Baptist in the bible. One of the most frequently used names in England.
Honor Honor
Hortense of the garden
Jane gracious, merciful, God is gracious
Female Military Cat Names

Funny Military Cat Names

  • Sargent Fuzzyboots
  • Sir Fartleby
  • Boots Hofstadder
  • Maverick
  • Stubby
  • Kyle
  • Elise
  • Washington
  • Chairman Meow
  • KimJong! Heel
  • Teddy
  • Patton
  • Grant
  • Dakota
  • Murphy
  • Ike
Funny Military Cat Names

Navy Cat Names

  • Christi
  • Jag
  • Radar
  • Chief
  • Navy
  • Gunnar
  • Captain
  • Viper
  • Admiral
  • Hopper
  • Fallon
  • Grace
  • Boomer
Navy Cat Names

If you’re looking for a good military cat name, we have over 150 of the best ones right here.

From Bravo to Sniper and from Kitten to Tanker, there’s something for every kitty on our list!

Whether your pet is an active member of the armed forces or just a proud supporter who sits at home all day waiting patiently by the window, these names will surely inspire them with their next rank-up. Otherwise, you can widen your options from our list of patriotic cat names which are fit for all breeds and colors.

Which one has caught your eye? Let us know in the comments below.

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