40+ Mythical Fox Names – Why These Are The Best Mythical Foxes

Foxes are one of the most mythical creatures in literature and mythology.

They’re cunning, clever, and beautiful animals that we love to hear stories about.

What better way to name a pet after a mythical? In this article, we’ll be discussing 40+ mythical fox names – why these mythical fox names are the best you can find!

mythical fox names

Here are the best mythical fox names for both male and female foxes.

Mythical Male Fox Names

Jasper (English origin) meaning “treasure”.
Toby (Hebrew origin) meaning “the goodness in God”.
Jax (English origin) meaning “God has been gracious”
Dexter (English origin) meaning “dyer”
Diesel (German origin) meaning “ruler of the people”
Maverick (American origin) meaning “wild, independent”.
Thor (Old Norse origin) meaning “God of thunder”.
Bentley (English origin) meaning “bentgrass”
Rex (Latin origin) meaning “king”.
Tucker (English, German origin) meaning “to torment”.
Mythical Male Fox Names

Mythical Female Fox Names

Luna (Italian, Spanish origin) meaning “moon”
Sunny (English origin) meaning “sunshine, joyful”
Mia (Italian origin) meaning “mine”
Scarlet (English origin) meaning “bright red color”
Mystic (Greek origin) meaning “connected to the mystery”
Dakota (Word name) meaning “friendly”
Haze (English origin) meaning “reddish-brown color”
Eva (Hebrew origin) meaning “giver of life”
Ariel (Hebrew, Biblical origin) meaning “lion of God”.
Lisa (Hebrew origin) meaning “God is my origin”
Mythical Female Fox Names

Mythological and folklore foxes

Huli jing
Chinese mythology
Korean mythology
Japanese mythology
Japanese fox demons
Greek mythological fox
Japanese mythological spirits that take the shape of foxes
Japanese mythology
Japanese mythology
Mythological and folklore foxes

Popular Fictional Fox Names

The adorable fox from ‘The Fox and the Hound’.
The fox thief from ‘Dora the explorer’.
meaning “dweller by the pasture”; associated with the video game ‘Crash of the Titans’.
Fantastic Mr Fox
protagonist genius from an American animated movie by the same name
Foxy Roxy
A popular song for children
meaning “earth, soil”; associated with ‘Of Fox and Hounds’.
protagonist from ‘The Tale of Mr Tod’.
Fix and Foxi
A twin pair of foxes from the same name comic cartoon series
meaning “victory of people”; associated with Disney’s ‘Zootopia’.
meaning “son of Neil”; associated with Mongrels.
Popular Fictional Fox Names

In this list of mythical fox names, you may have found a lot of options from the Japanese, Greek, and Norse traditions.

If none of these work, you can also check out our list of names that mean fox. This list has unique names and you may learn new languages as well.

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