Top Fox Name Articles – Best Ways To Name A Fox

Having a fox is a lucky one since it’s a cute and beautiful creature. If you are looking for a fox name might take you some time, since you don’t want to name your precious pet with a name that you would regret later. In this article, we’re going to give you some ideas on fox names because they are different from each other since they belong to several genes and species. Here are some fox name ideas that we’ve prepared for you to name your beautiful pet.

Top Funny Fox Names

Though some foxes might be wild and dangerous, when they are attached to you or becoming your pet, you’ll find that foxes do funny and silly things as well. They actually love to play, curious, and not to mention they are friendly. You will find how happy they are when playing a ball, just like cats and dogs. 

Top Cute Fox Names

There is no doubt how beautiful and cute this creature is. They have beautiful fur and color that makes anyone love it. And since they also belong to the canine family, this cute animal tends to form a close bond with their owners.

Top Female Fox Names

Female foxes are also called vixens, though it’s hard to tell unless you really know about the fox world, and normally male foxes are heavier than the female. The Vixen reproductive cycle is twelve months long with an 80% success rate, and tends to have an average litter size.

Top Arctic Fox Names

The arctic fox is also known as the white fox, polar fox, or snow fox. They are incredibly able to live in low temperatures and can survive even in the temperature 90 – 100 degree celsius. The arctic fox has beautiful white coats to camouflage when they are hunting their prey.


What are good fox names? 

Todd and Rocky would be a good name for your fox, if you have a male one, but if you have a female, Eva or Molly would be a great idea as well. 

What is a famous fox name?

Fix and Foxi are great names since they also rhyme with the name of the animal. Also you can choose Tod or Vixey, the character from “ The Fox and the Hound”

What is a good name for arctic fox? 

Whitney is a good name for your arctic fox for their white coats. Frostbite is a great idea as well since they live in such low temperatures. 


Fox is an inquisitive and intelligent animal. They might be threatened and wild but once they adapt, they will be a great pet for you since they tend to be emotionally attached to you as their owner. Having a fox as a pet would be so lucky because they are beautiful and cute creatures. For other fox names, we also have a Fox Name Generator that would certainly help to get the best fox names based on several categories.