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Zootopia Character Names for Pets: A List of 40 Zootopia Pet Names

Zootopia pet names are always a hot topic, so we took the time to create this list of 40 Zootopia pet names! From Judy Hopps to Nick Wilde, you’ll find many pet names in our list that will suit your furry friend.

The Disney movie takes place in a city where mammals coexist. The story follows the unlikely relationship between a rabbit police officer and a red fox con artist as they investigate a criminal conspiracy that involves the disappearance of predators.

zootopia names for pets

Here are the best pet names inspired by Zootopia!

Best Pet Names from Zootopia

  • Nick Wilde

The main character; a con-artist fox in the city of Zootopia

Nick Wilde
  • Judy Hopps

The first bunny to join Zootopia’s police department

Judy Hopps - naming your pet
  • Chief Bogo

Chief of the Zootopia Police Department; also a water buffalo

  • Emmett

The missing otter that Judy and Nick were searching for

  • Mr. Big

Most feared crime boss in Zootopia; an arctic shrew

  • Carrots

Nick gives Judy Hopps the nickname of Carrots

  • Gazelle

A famous pop star in Zootopia who speaks out for mammal rights

  • Finnick

Nick Wilde’s partner in crime, a fennec fox who sometimes dresses up like a toddler

  • Higgins

An officer in Judy’s department, a hippo

  • Bellwether

the assistant to Mayor Lionheart, a sheep who pulls the wool over the eyes of Zootopia

Zootopia Character Names for Pets

Male pet names from Zootopia

majority of the employees at the Lemming Brother’s Bank
A chemist and sniper who works for Bellwether, also a sheep
The radio dispatcher for Zootopia’s Police Department
a crook in Zootopia who sells bootleg CDs
name of the crooner on the record in Mr. Big’s car
Judy’s kudu neighbor in Zootopia
Judy’s gemsbok neighbor in Zootopia
a veteran officer in Judy’s department and a rhinoceros
A tough ram that worked as Bellwether’s minions
owner of the naturalist club in Zootopia known as the Mystic Springs Oasis
The fastest sloth at the DMV in Zootopia
well-known restaurant in Tundratown in Zootopia
Mr. Big’s most trusted henchman, a polar bear
The younger brother of the sheep Sharla from Bunnyburrow
The ice cream shop run by Jerry Jambeaux
Male pet names from Zootopia

Female pet names from Zootopia characters

Nick and Finnick use the snow of Tundra town to create their Pawpsicles
The daughter of Mr. Big
The black sheep from Bunnyburrow
The porcupine that interviewied Mayor Lionheart
A sloth with a purple streak in her hair
Judy’s favorite niece in Bunnyburrow
a Snow Leopard, works for ZNN in Zootopia
Night Howlers belong to the crocus family of flowers
A resort district of Sahara Square
The yoga instructor at the Mystic Spring Oasis, an elephant with a poor memory
Judy lives at the Grand Pangolin Hotel
Judy’s mother is named Bonnie Hopps
The voice behind the ultra-famous Gazelle
Pronounced Ta-hunga, this road crosses Vine
The doctor attempting to help the Mayor
Female pet names from Zootopia characters

Zootopia is a fantastic movie that has some great character names for pets.

If you have a pet sloth, we’ve also put together our list of famous sloth names from movies for you to choose from!

If there are any other good ones, please share them in the comments below. Have you given your new dog or cat an animal name? What was their favorite one to hear? Let us know!

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