35+ Best Names Meaning Cat For Your Male And Female Kitten


Are you a cat owner and looking for a perfect name?

Have no fear because we’ve compiled the top 10 names that mean cat. Whether your new kitty is black, white, fluffy, or just plain old fat these are some of our favorites!

Common Names Meaning Cat

Names Origins Meanings
Gata Spanish A name meaning a female cat.
Chatte French This is a name meaning cat.
Cattus Latin Meaning cat.
Kitty English The most commonly used English name, meaning a cat.
Tabby English A domestic cat with a striped coat, commonly used in the English language.
Camilla Arabic Means perfect.
Calico Indian Refers to a blotched or spotted cat.
Kitten English A name meaning a newborn or young cat.
Callie, Greek This name means beautiful.
Moggy English This name is used to refer to a domestic cat.
Neko Japanese A Japanese word meaning cat

Unique Names Meaning Cat

Names Origins Meanings
Lynx Greek This is a species of wildcat.
Mau Egyptian This is a female name for a cat.
Chaton French This name is used for kitten.
Namir Persian Another word that means cat.
Mouser German Meaning a catcher of mice and rats’.
Falines English and Celtic The name refers to a cat.
Paka African This is another female name for a cat.
Tom Late Middle English Meaning a variant of Tomcat.
Ekpen Benin It means a ferocious cat.
Gunju African Meaning wild cat.
Kundam Sanskrit This name is a word used for a female cat or a feminine form of a cat.
Tomcat Old English Referring to a male cat.

Cat Names Meaning Lion

Names Origins Meanings
Leonard German A name meaning lion-like strength.
Leonidas Greek The name means son of the lion’, or refers to one who is like a lion.
Leopolds English and Germanic It means strong.
Puma African A large African form of a wild cat with a plain coat, also a character in Disney’s ‘The Lion King’.
Leontios Greek This first name is used for lion-like form.
Apollo Greek It refers to a strong male lion.
Ari Hebrew It refers to a male lion.
Areli Hebrew This name means lion of God, demonstrating strength and masculinity.
Simba African This famous name from Disney’s ‘The Lion King’ has African roots.
Arieh Hebrew Meaning a strong lion.
Leo Latin This first name is an astrological name for lion.

Cat Names Meaning Tiger

Names Origins Meanings
Tigris Greek
In Greek mythology, Tigris refers to a tiger; it is one of the ancient cat names.
Tigresse French
This name is used for a female tiger.
Tora Japanese
This name appears in Japanese mythology referring to a tiger.
Tigri Turkish
It is another ancient name referring to a tiger.
Tigre French
This name is used for a male tiger.
Torao Japanese
A variant of Tora that means tiger’s tail.

Hope you’ve found a unique name for your furry friend. If none of these are good enough, check out our pet cat names and you’ll get hundreds of cat name ideas!

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