30+ Adorable Names Meaning Spider From All Over The World


Looking for an interesting name for your spider? You’re in luck – we’ve got a list of names with meanings that relate to spiders!

Whether you’re looking for a name that means “spider” or one with a more subtle reference, we’ve got you covered.

So get ready to pick your favorite!

Male Names Meaning Spider

Names Origins
Gagamba Filipino
Pavouk Czech
Shpin Yiddish
Damhán Alla Irish
Edderkop Danish
Ragno Italian
Pajek Slovenian
Ragnu Corsican
Aranha Portuguese
Spinnekop Afrikaans
Brimba Maltese
Laba-laba Indonesian
Spin Dutch
Pauk Croatian
Gizo-gizo Hausa

Female Names Meaning Spider

Names Origins
Kónguló Icelandic
Araneo Esperanto
Sekho Sesotho
Armiarma Basque
Ämblik Estonian
Caaro Somali
Merimangë Albanian
Aranya Catalan
Araña Spanish
Buibui Swahili
Voras Lithuanian
Pry Cop Welsh
Araignée French
Spindel Swedish
Ududo Igbo

So there you have it, a bevy of spider names to choose from the next time you need to name your eight-legged friend.

We hope you enjoyed this list of creepy crawlies and their equally spooky names. If you are looking for more ideas, you can visit our pet spider names!

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