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National Dress Up Your Pet Day: What to Do to Make This Day Special?

Celebrate National Dress Up Your Pet Day

Is there anything prettier than a dog or cat dressed like a sweater or pair of pajamas?

National Dress Up Your Pet Day is the ideal occasion for animal lovers with a sharp sense of style to show off their serious fashion sense in a small form.

Celebrate National Dress Up Your Pet Day on January 14th, a unique occasion to celebrate and showcase your pet’s sense of style.

Pets truly do become members of the family. Make sure your furry friend is secure and comfortable whether you visit the groomer or go one step further and dress up in coordinated attire.

Amazing Facts About Pets

Celebrate National Dress Up Your Pet Day
  1. Greyhounds are the fastest. They are capable of running 45 miles per hour.
  2. No two dogs’ nose prints are alike; each dog has a distinctive nose print.
  3. A dog’s sense of smell can be up to 1,000 times stronger than a person.
  4. Each ear in a cat has 32 muscles.
  5. Dogs can only make roughly ten vocalizations, compared to over 100 for cats.
  6. A kangaroo’s infant body is around the size of a lima bean.
  7. In addition to panting to stay cool, dogs also perspire through their footpads.
  8. More than $2 billion was spent on pets by pet owners in 2016.
  9. In the United States, 80 million homes own a pet of some kind.
  10. In the US, parrots rank as the fourth most popular pet.

Origin of National Dress Up Your Pet Day

Celebrate National Dress Up Your Pet Day

Colleen Paige founded this adorable celebration of pet fashion back in 2009.

Expert in pet lifestyle (yes, it’s a real job), Colleen organized National Dress Up Your Pet Day to encourage pet owners and their animals to spend time together, dress up in super stylish and adorable outfits, and team up with other animal lovers online or in the community.

National Dress Up Your Pet Day offers a chance to show off artistic abilities and can also be a social event.

Pet lovers in their hundreds or even thousands will come together to honour their closest companions and make new ones along the way.

It is significant to remember that the purpose of National Dress Up Your Pet Day is to support pet-owner bonding and overall wellness.

Not every dog will be satisfied to trot around the park in a tutu or go on a stroll dressed as Yoda or Captain Hook, even though others may be glad to don a stylish jumper or winter coat.

However, if your pet is laid back and doesn’t mind, it is a fantastic day to spend quality time with them!

How To Observe National Dress Up Your Pet Day?

Celebrate National Dress Up Your Pet Day

Now is the perfect opportunity for anyone who has ever dreamed of becoming a designer to realize their full potential and make that fluffy kitten or well-behaved dog the star of your very first catwalk show.

Join a National Dress Up Your Pet Day Meetup

If you own a pet that enjoys showing off, why not host a get-together at your house with friends and their four-legged companions or get together for a party in the park with other pet owners?

This is a fantastic chance to use your creative skills and sew your own clothes, or shop through the various pet-related internet retailers to make sure your pet looks amazing.

Practice Pet Safety and Kindness

It’s crucial to keep in mind that pet costumes ought to be secure and cosy and that owners should never coerce an animal into wearing something they don’t want to.

Take care to read each pet’s unique emotions as some models are far more receptive than others, and proceed accordingly.

For safety’s sake, make sure that every garment is free of loose parts that could choke a pet (such buttons), and ensure that there is no chance of a pet overheating, having trouble breathing, or having trouble moving.

Have a Photo Shoot

It would be a lot of fun to set up a pet picture session on this day, especially for owners whose animals aren’t the best at interacting with other animals.

Put kids in their costumes, set up a “scene” in the house or backyard, and watch the funniest things happen! Capturing images or videos of animals in action may be enjoyable, as they often exhibit the most hilarious behaviour.

Remember to inform your friends who have pets about National Dress Up Your Pet Day by sharing those amusing pictures on social media or with them in person.

Get Matching Outfits with Your Pet

Getting together with a pet to wear matching clothing or “couple costumes” is one of the cutest ways to celebrate this day. To make the most of National Dress Up Your Pet Day, consider these suggestions:

  1. Dynamic Duo. In this instance, the dog or cat would make an excellent Robin, and the owner could dress up as Batman. Using a mask and maybe a small cape will make this simple. It’s the caped crusaders back at it!
  2. Flower and Bumblebee. Are you a gardener? If so, this is the ideal costume! The owner can don green clothing to resemble a stalk and a vibrant cap covered with “petals” to represent the flower. Next, a pet (or several pets) can be dressed up like a tiny bumblebee, complete with tiny wings, black and yellow stripes, and possibly an antennae-adorned helmet.
  3. S’mores Family. A girl scout’s favourite food is the ideal blend of two owners and one pet! Using a cardboard box, dress up one person as a graham cracker, and another person as a Hershey’s chocolate bar. By encircling their middle with a fluffy white pillow or blanket, the pet resembles the ideal marshmallow.

Observing National Dress Up Your Pet Day

Celebrate National Dress Up Your Pet Day

You can participate in this occasion by dressing up your pet. The animal can be dressed as simply as throwing on an outfit, or you can take it to your pet groomer and have it groomed beforehand. Make sure to include the hashtag, though, regardless of how you choose to celebrate.


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