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National Garfield the Cat Day: America’s Favourite Feline

National Garfield the Cat Day

Celebrate annually on June 19th, National Garfield the Cat Day is a special day dedicated to one of the most iconic and beloved cartoon characters of all time.

Created by Jim Davis, Garfield has captured the hearts of millions with his sardonic humour, love for lasagna, and disdain for Mondays.

This day not only honours Garfield but also celebrates the joy and laughter he has brought into our lives for over four decades.

In this post, we delve into the history, significance, and various ways you can join in the festivities.


Garfield made his debut on June 19, 1978, in a comic strip syndicated by United Feature Syndicate.

The strip featured Garfield, a fat, lazy, and cynical orange tabby cat, alongside his socially awkward owner, Jon Arbuckle, and a dim-witted dog named Odie.

Jim Davis created Garfield to make a character that would resonate with a broad audience, focusing on the cat’s quirky and often relatable personality traits.

The comic strip quickly gained popularity, becoming a staple in newspapers across the United States and eventually worldwide.

Garfield’s appeal led to a plethora of merchandise, television specials, and even feature films.

Acknowledging the cultural impact of Garfield, we designated June 19th as National Garfield the Cat Day to celebrate the character’s debut and ongoing legacy.


National Garfield the Cat Day

National Garfield the Cat Day holds a special place in the hearts of fans for several reasons:

Cultural Impact

Garfield has been a significant part of popular culture for over four decades. His character has transcended generations, remaining relevant and loved by both old and new fans alike.

Relatable Humor

Garfield’s humor, often centered around his laziness, love for food, and disdain for Mondays, resonates with many people.

His sarcastic and witty commentary on everyday life offers a comedic escape from reality.

Merchandising and Media

Garfield’s widespread popularity has led to a vast array of merchandise, from plush toys to clothing, as well as numerous TV specials, animated series, and movies. This has cemented his status as a cultural icon.

Community and Celebration

National Garfield the Cat Day provides an opportunity for fans to come together, share their favourite Garfield moments, and celebrate the joy he brings into their lives.

How to Celebrate National Garfield the Cat Day?

National Garfield the Cat Day

There are numerous ways to celebrate National Garfield the Cat Day, whether you’re a long-time fan or a newcomer to the Garfield universe:

Read Garfield Comics

Revisit the original comic strips or explore new ones. Many collections are available online or in print, offering hours of Garfield’s humorous antics.

Watch Garfield Shows and Movies

Spend the day binge-watching Garfield TV specials, the animated series, or the live-action movies. It’s a great way to immerse yourself in Garfield’s world.

Cook and Eat Lasagna

Honor Garfield’s favorite food by preparing a delicious lasagna. Share it with friends or family and enjoy a meal that’s sure to make Garfield proud.

Share on Social Media

Post your favorite Garfield moments, quotes, or fan art on social media using the hashtag #NationalGarfieldTheCatDay. Join the conversation and connect with other fans.

Host a Garfield-themed Party

Invite friends and family for a Garfield-themed celebration. Decorate with Garfield merchandise, serve lasagna, and enjoy games or activities inspired by the comic strip.

Create Fan Art

If you’re artistically inclined, try your hand at drawing Garfield or creating fan art. Share your creations online to showcase your love for the character.

Support Animal Shelters

In the spirit of celebrating a beloved cat, consider donating to or volunteering at a local animal shelter. Help real-life cats find loving homes.


National Garfield the Cat Day is a delightful occasion to celebrate a character that has brought humour, joy, and a touch of sarcasm to our lives for over 40 years.

Whether you’re indulging in lasagna, watching Garfield’s escapades on screen, or simply reminiscing about your favourite comic strips, this day is a perfect tribute to America’s favourite feline.

Join the celebration on June 19th and pay homage to the enduring charm of Garfield the Cat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is National Garfield the Cat Day celebrated on June 19th?

National Garfield the Cat Day is celebrated on June 19th to commemorate the debut of the first Garfield comic strip, which was published on June 19, 1978.

Who created Garfield, and what inspired the character?

Garfield was created by cartoonist Jim Davis. He was inspired by his experiences growing up on a farm with numerous cats. Davis wanted to create a cat character that had a unique personality, focusing on traits that many people could relate to, such as laziness and a love for food.

How has Garfield’s character evolved over the years?

While Garfield’s core personality traits have remained consistent, the character has evolved in terms of design and context. The artwork has become more refined, and Garfield’s world has expanded through various media adaptations, including television shows and movies.

What are some of Garfield’s most famous quotes?

Garfield is known for his witty and sarcastic remarks. Some famous quotes include:
“I hate Mondays.”
“Diet is ‘die’ with a ‘t’.”
“Never trust a smiling cat.”
“I’m not overweight, I’m undertall.”

Are there any special events or promotions for National Garfield the Cat Day?

Many retailers and online stores offer special promotions and discounts on Garfield merchandise around June 19th. Additionally, fans often organize events, online gatherings, and social media campaigns to celebrate the day.

By participating in National Garfield the Cat Day, fans can show their appreciation for a character that has stood the test of time, bringing laughter and joy to countless individuals around the world.

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