50+ One Piece Dog Names – Best Name Ideas Based on One Piece Characters

One Piece is one of the most popular anime series in Japan and throughout the world. The show follows one protagonist, Monkey D. Luffy, on his quest to become king of all pirates by finding one treasure known as “One Piece.”

Along the way, he has many adventures with a diverse cast of characters that often find themselves in hilarious situations. One Piece dog names are based on these characters and can be used for naming your new pet pup!

We just love these trendy anime dog names and it isn’t uncommon to name one after these cool fictional characters.

one piece dog names

Here are the best dog names inspired by the hit anime, One Piece!

One Piece Male Dog Names

Luffy The main name most people use when speaking of Straw Hat Luffy
Yasopp Uospp’s father and a member of Red-Haired Shanks’ crew
Zoro Roronoa Zoro often fights with three swords; two in each hand and one in his mouth
Dragon Luffy’s enigmatic and mysterious father
Zolo The English version of Zoro’s name
Hawk Eyes Mihawk’s commonly used nickname
D This middle initial is often attributed to great figures in the One Piece world
Franky A hulking beast of a man with cybernetic implants and a sensitive heart
Blackbeard The infamous real world pirate appears as a major villain in One Piece
Smoker One of the Straw hat Pirates’ more consistent foes
Whitebeard Edward Newgate’s pirate alias
Dracule A master swordsman and one of the Seven Shichibukai
Red Hair A commonly used nickname that people call Shanks from time to time
Monkey Monkey D Luffy is the main protagonist
Edward The first name of the pirate who is considered the Strongest In The World
Brian Based off of Zoros English voice actor, Brian Zimmerman
Roger Many fans debate whether or not if Roger’s treasure is real
Portgas This name chiefly refers to Luffy’s surrogate brother and Roger’s son
Sanji The master chef of the Straw Hat Pirates’ crew
Robin Nico Robin asked to join the team after Luffy showed kindness despite their rivalry
Sabo A childhood friend of Ace’s and Luffy’s
Roronoa One of original Straw Hat Pirates and a master swordsman
Mihawk Dracule Mihawk trained Zoro for two years during the time skip
Chouchou The brave dog from Orange Town who opened his own shop
Shanks One of Luffy’s pirate idols
Brook member of the Straw Hat Pirates
Usopp The Straw Hat Pirate’s number one marksman
Hunter Zoro became a renowned Pirate Hunter before he met Luffy
Ace The name most commonly associated with Protgas D. Ace
Chopper The Straw Hat Pirates’ team medic and leading scientist
Gol The first name of the legendary pirate king
One Piece Male Dog Names

One Piece Female Dog Names

Kanae Kanae Itō lent her voice to the young version of Boa Hancock
Vivi Nefertari’s more commonly used name
Boa Based off of Boa Hancock, the biggest threat of the Amazon Lily arc
Violet An alternative name for Viola
Hancock Boa Hancock refers to the current Pirate Empress
Anzu One of Robin’s more consistent Japanese voice actresses
Lydia Lydia Mackay voices over Hancock in the Funimation version
Nico Based off of Nico Robin, a former enemy of the Straw Hat Pirates
Hina Rear-Admiral Hina is the woman behind the infamous BLack Cage
Tsuru A reference to the “Great Tactician” Vice-Admiral Tsuru
Akemi Akemi Okamura voices Nami over in the Japanese version of the anime
Nami The first lady of the Straw Hat Pirates is Cat Burglar Nami
Kotono The first name of Hancock’s Japanese voice actress
Kokoro A woman who is secretly an Icefish mermaid
Viola A flamingo dancer who ate the Glare-Glare Fruit
Mayumi The first name of Luffy’s long standing Japanese voice actress
Kerry Nami’s 4kids voice actress was Kerry Williams
Mansherry A Dwarf princess with long, golden locks of hair
Shirahoshi This pink haired mermaid is the Princess of her kind
Kuina Zoro’s old childhood friend who unfortunately passed away
Black Cage A high ranking member of the Marines
Colleen Luffy’s current voice actress is Colleen Clinkenbeard
Luci Nami’s current English voice actress is Luci Christian
Erica Luffy’s former voice actress
Tashigi Smoker’s protege and Zoro’s rival who reminds him of his old friend
Nefertari A friend of the Straw Hat Pirates from the Alabasta Saga
Jad Jad Saxton is the voice behind Robin in the Funimation dub
Megumi Voice actress Megumi Toyoguchi provided Nami’s voice
One Piece Female Dog Names

If you’re a One Piece fan and have just adopted a new dog, then it’s time to give your pet pup its own pirate name.

We’ve compiled over 50 of the best names from the anime series for naming your new furry friend as well as some fun facts about each character.

So whether you want to honor one of Sanji’s recipes or set out on an adventure with Zoro, we have plenty of excellent choices that are perfect for any puppy! 

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